There is no wisdom in keeping your wisdom teeth


Chase Flori

Chase Flori (11) ready to go home after her wisdom teeth removal.

Natalie Bejarno, Staff Writer

These past few weeks have been a roller coaster for many juniors who recently got the dreaded wisdom teeth removal.


Kayla Dolan (11) feeling loopy after her procedure.

“I was nervous, but now I’m so glad it’s over and done because that weekend was not fun,” Kayla Dolan (11) said.


For others, this can be exciting to finally have done, and these people went in with zero hesitations. 


“I surprisingly had no feelings of nervousness about getting my wisdom teeth out. I remember sitting in the chair feeling so relaxed,” Chase Flori (11) said.


The ideal experience: sitting in the chair, starting to count to ten, next thing you know, you wake up and are suddenly done.


“Right after [the procedure] I felt good because the drugs they gave me hadn’t worn off, so I went home and took a nap. Then when I woke up, I had really bad pain,” Dolan said.


After the medicine started to wear off, reality hit. Rees Cunningham (11) described this as ‘a punch in the jaw.’


“After my procedure I literally felt like I had been punched in the jaw. It took me about a week to finally be able to fully open my mouth, and the pain went away fully after like a week and a half,” Cunningham said.


Getting this procedure done can be quick and easy, taking around 45 minutes to an hour. The aftermath not be as quick or easy, which these juniors seem to agree on.


“[Getting the procedure done] hurt a lot more than I had anticipated, and my face was super swollen, which I didn’t expect,” Cunningham said.


“The pain was really bad for me, and I wasn’t expecting it,” Dolan said.


“I wasn’t expecting the recovery process to take so long, and I definitely wasn’t prepared for some of the pain that came with the surgery,” Flori said.


Following the procedure, your diet must change, as it is required not to eat solid foods. Soft foods are the best things you can eat. This consists of yogurt, ice cream, jello, or mashed potatoes, but Cunningham had one thing in mind that she wanted.


The picture Rees Cunningham (11) sent to her friends.

“After [the procedure] I told my dad I wanted Juice Company and he told me that I couldn’t have it because we had to pick up my medicine. I said I didn’t care about the medicine and I wanted Juice Co. I then told my friends I was being kidnapped by my own dad,” Cunningham said.


If you are planning on getting your wisdom teeth out soon, these juniors have some tips of advice for you.


“Try not to talk a bunch directly after, and try to wait as long as possible to eat hard foods,” Cunningham said.


“For the days following getting your wisdom teeth out, take medicine on time or it will make it worse. Taking them on time really helps,” Dolan said.


Though the pain may be an inconvenience, the removal of wisdom teeth is an undeniable right of passage for all high school students.