How to stay Healthy in 2021

Your basic guide to keeping your mental and physical health intact this year.

Gracey Timm, Staff Writer

Keeping your mind and body in good shape are the keys to a happy life. The thing that gets misunderstood most often is, “what is healthy?” This question has been brought up much more recently due to social media, influencers, and anyone else trying to spread body positivity.


The health of an individual is not defined by anyone but themselves. Although the health of the human species can be elaborated by doctors, each person has individualized needs to keep their brain and body healthy. Only you can define what makes yourself healthy and the stereotypes of health shouldnt make that decision.


Healthy is not skinny, and its not mentally stable. Being healthy can mean a lot of things, but one of the most important aspects is pushing yourself to do things that feel good to your own body and mind.


When it comes to physical health, push yourself to put things into your body that make you feel energized. Its also important to push yourself and cross boundaries that allow you to grow. Physically, excercise isnt necessarily what makes you healthy. Although excercise is good for you, a lot of people dont realize that they get to personalize their exercise to what makes them feel in shape and confident. if you overwork your body, it can reverse the efects of feeling healthy, and underworking yourself can do the same.


Mentally, it is much harder to define health. Everybody’s mental health lies on a spectum, and there’s no way to say that someone is totally mentally stable or completely mentally ill. Everyone has an individualized scenario when it comes to mental health, and the most important thing is recognizing that struggling is not the same as being unhealthy. Healthy is finding out what works for you and using your resources to decide coping mechanisms and techniques for yourself.


With that being said, 2021 brings a new definition of health: personalized and subjective.