Formal Festivities

Students give an inside on how they personally celebrated their Winter Formal


Molly Maucieri

Emma Scheck (12) and Rose Fitzgerald (12) celebrate Winter Formal with a dinner.

Talia Schiltz, Staff Writer

Because COVID-19 is still extremely prominent in our community, Dowling was not able to have a Winter Formal Dance. Instead, students did their own thing, and some even went to Dowling’s event, Dowling on Ice. 


Chase Flori (11) and Petra Knupp (11) ready to celebrate Winter Formal. (Pam Flori)

“A few friends and I dressed up to take pictures and go out to dinner. We then went to Dowling Ice for our winter formal activity,” Chase Flori (11) said. 


While students went out to dinner with their friends, they managed to stay safe during these circumstances. Lauren Wenham (11) and her friends participated in normal teenager activities while still staying safe. 



“We did what any typical Iowa teeanger would do. We drove around and listened to music. We also stopped at Walmart to go look around in our fancy outfits. We stayed COVID safe by wearing masks when we went into the restaurant and to other public places as well. Our group was also small, there were only six of us,” Wenham said. 


Lauren Wenham (11) with her group of friends dressed up for Winter Formal festivities. (Bridget Grindatti)

Although students are upset about not having a dance, they understand that they have to do what is necessary to keep everyone safe. 


“I was ok with it. There are worse things going on then for me to be upset about a dance. I’d rather have people stay safe and healthy,” Wenham said. 


Seniors like Emma Scheck (12) are sad that another one of their dances has been cancelled, but they are hopeful that there will be a prom since they never got one last year either. 


“It sucks not having an actual dance for our senior year, but we have to make the most of it, and I know administration is doing everything they can to make it normal,” Scheck said. 


Looking ahead to prom, juniors are supportive of it being a senior only prom, considering they didn’t get one last year. Everyone should get the chance to go to prom at least once in their high school years. 


“I do think we will be able to have a prom and if only the seniors go, that sounds fair to me, because they should have the chance to have at least one prom,” Flori said.