Valentine’s Day: Sweet or Scam?

The halls of Dowling Catholic weigh in on how they feel about Valentine’s Day, with a sprinkle of the opinion of yours truly.

The two opinions of a somewhat controversial holiday: sweet or scam.

Logan Flori

The two opinions of a somewhat controversial holiday: sweet or scam.

Logan Flori, Staff Writer

Mid-February fast approaches, and with it, the celebration of Valentine’s Day. In recent years, Valentine’s Day has indeed become a bit controversial. The holiday’s origins have been accused of strictly accumulating more wealth for greedy corporations, yet many argue the sentiment of Valentine’s Day is deserving of money spent. The Post asked students their opinions.


First to graciously share his opinion was Senior Paddy Sullivan. 


“Though I would objectively say Valentine’s Day is a scam, I love the excuse to spend the day with [my girlfriend],” Sullivan said.


Dowling Teacher Mr. Patten was a bit more passionate about his belief.


“SCAM!” Mr. Patten said. “Even though I understand having a day to dedicate to your relationship, I personally try to have special days dedicated to my wife throughout the whole year.”


Another student wholeheartedly agreed with Mr. Patten’s thought-process.


“If I want someone to do something nice for me, I don’t want it to be because someone or something reminded them,” Piper Wise (12) said. “Do you know how nice it would be if someone on, like, June 7th got me flowers and took me out to dinner? That would be amazing.”


Ben Tessau (12) also reiterated that Valentine’s Day is not his favorite, citing that some misuse the holiday for attention. 


Conversely, some did state they see no problems with celebrating the holiday.


“Sweet!” Emma Gipple (11) said. “It’s a day to celebrate either a friendship or a relationship, there’s nothing to hate.”


In addition to Gipple, Luke McIlhon (12) agreed that Valentine’s Day is well-intentioned and, relatively, sweet. Chase Flori (11) felt similarly. 


“I prefer Galentine’s Day, but I also won’t complain about a night out with my boyfriend,” Flori said.


To state my own candid opinion, most holidays can be argued as a ploy of capitalism, or at least the aspect of consistent gift-giving on these special occasions. I refuse to contradict a day dedicated to a bit of extra affection, because I think we could all use some love in our lives right now. 


So, celebrate Valentine’s Day on Sunday however you see fit. Regardless of your thoughts, The Post wishes you a lovely weekend.