An Unexpected Ending

An unexpected ending to the JV girls’ basketball season


Eleanor Meek

Sophomores Shea Berger, Kadence Baccam, and Abby Pottoff after their last game of the season.

Eleanor Meek, Staff Writer

Dowling has had very few large Covid cases regarding team play, but due to recent events, they can put a whole team out from Covid. The girls’ basketball JV2 team had to back out of their last three games, a sad ending to their season, but it adds an unexpected twist to the JV1 teams’ season. 


The girls JV1 team covered the JV2 games along with playing their own games scheduled for the week. When talking to Kadence Baccam (10) she said she was excited for more games.


“Yeah I wanted to play more games. More games means more playing time and being with my team,” Baccam said. “The best times are after our games in the locker room. We just mess around and have fun.”


When asked about the overall season Baccam had glowing reviews. 


3 Juniors watching their teammates play against Ankeny Cenntenials JV2 team (Coach Tom Donahue)

“It was a really fun season even though Covid happened, I learned a lot and had a great time with my teammates,” Baccam said.


Baccam did feel bad for the JV2 team, though, and for having their season cut short.


“I know I’d be upset if I was them, so yeah, I feel bad that they can’t play their last games, but they’ll always have next year to play more,” Baccam said.


Shea Berger (10) who is also on the JV1 team was also happy to play more games at the end of the season. 


“Yes, I enjoyed playing more games this season. It gave me more opportunities to get more minutes and finish out the best I could,” Berger said. 


 Berger’s favorite part of the season revolved around the coaching and team as a whole. 


“The best part of the season was definitely getting closer with all of my teammates and farmer Tom (Head Coach Tom Donahue). Whenever I showed up to practice, I could count on him making a joke and yelling at me for not wearing pants when it was freezing outside,” Berger said. 


Overall, Berger was happy with the extra games scheduled and learning experience the season offered her, 


“I am happy with the playing time I received this season. Because I am on the younger side of the team I am grateful for the time I got to play with the juniors and earn what I could before I will be in their shoes next year” said Berger.