Dowling Gets Vaccinated

All of Dowling faculty gets the COVID vaccine.


Molly Dryer

Don’t forget to mask up, Dowling!

Molly Dryer, Staff Writer

What is one thing on almost everyone’s wish list this year? If you are thinking about the COVID vaccine, then you would be correct. People long for this pandemic to be over, but we have to have patience while we all wait until then.


Luckily, Dowling teachers got blessed with the opportunity to get vaccinated. On Friday February 5th, while the students had an early out, the faculty received vaccinations. For most teachers, this was the only opportunity they had to get the vaccination so early. 


Teachers expressed that they wanted to safely return to the classroom and be with their students. Ryan Lensing, science teacher, was thrilled to hear that Dowling would be getting the vaccination and was already planning on receiving it. 


“I had already been researching how to sign up to get vaccinated in case the schools didn’t start distributing it,” Lensing said.


Dowling is one of the first schools to get vaccinated in the Des Moines metro area, but other schools aren’t far behind. Dowling was put at the front of the line for vaccinations, but the question stands on whether or not this should be the case.


“Being a private school, our administrators can make decisions very quickly and begin planning much faster than the larger public school systems in the metro. This got us to the ‘front of the line.’  That being said, I think the state of Iowa, specifically Kim Reynolds, should have had a better plan in place for vaccinating the public in general.  Nobody should have to feel like they won the lottery to get vaccinated,” Lensing said. 


Although getting vaccinated has been a relieving feeling, teachers still don’t feel their safest. Majority of teachers have been cautious regarding COVID, following all precautions, as they want to keep themselves and their students as safe as possible.


“The vaccines provide immunity one week after your second dose. I do not feel safer yet, though I’m sure I will in a few weeks once I have received the second dose,” Taylor Fernholz, science teacher, said. 


Although the Dowling faculty may have gotten the vaccine, most of the student body will not be receiving it for a while. So in the meantime, wear your mask correctly, distance yourself, and stay safe!