Dowling International Climate Control 2021

APES students do a Model UN for Climate Change


Jake Olson

APES 2021 Model UN for Climate Change 2021

Jake Olson, Staff Writer

During this COVID-filled school year, we have had a lot of opportunities and events get canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. We couldn’t have both homecoming and winter formal, we couldn’t go on a lot of class field trips, and we couldn’t enjoy some of the fun class activities due to people being online. But there is one thing that we still can enjoy: the Model UN for Climate Change 2021. 


This event is held during the climate change unit for the APES class and is a big assignment for these students. The event goes like this: the world is struggling due to high levels of CO2, Methane, and other greenhouse gases blocking the sun’s heat in our atmosphere. This leads to increased temperatures, rising sea levels, and more natural disasters happening around the world. This UN meeting is set up to help poor countries around the world and to turn your own country into a renewable energy powerhouse for years to come. 


Each country must make opening statements, tell us about the problems that will happen if we don’t stop this climate change, and some ways to get rid of CO2 levels in their own country, respectably. They then would walk across the classroom and make deals to get more money and to help other countries along the way. 


This unit was a student favorite for a lot of people, not just because of the event itself, but for the experience they learned along the way.


“This event was nice to be able to have a perspective looking out for a nation’s interest rather than individuals,” Jason Britten (12) said. 


Overall, it was a great experience for the students to get to know what it is like in the real world and to get more of a background on climate change and the effect it has on not just the individual country, but the world itself.