Preparing for the Future

Creativity flows through the future seniors as they write their college essays


Natalie Thomas

Juniors prepare for the up-coming college application season

Natalie Thomas, Staff Writer

The thought of applying for college causes a lot of stress and anxiety for juniors. This month juniors have gotten their first look at what the infamous college essay is really about. 


Lauren Linkletter (11) wrote her college essays on the importance of competition in her life, and the impact joining the cross country team had on her. Linkletter has a love-hate relationship with competition. Her constant want for performing at her highest and moving forward to excel in both sports and life resulted in her creating her essay ideas. Linkletter was stressed out about the process, and she is glad that she was able to start early and learn a little bit about the realm of college essays before application season. 


“I am in disbelief that I will start the college application process soon. It feels like just yesterday I was a freshman excited to be an upperclassmen but now I am nervous,” said Linkletter. 


Sara Forret (11) an avid reader, decided to share her story by showing admission officers her love for reading. By reading at least one book a week, she has been able to explore every genre and find her passions.  


“I’ve always loved reading while most people my age struggle to get into it. I’ve found it as an escape so I knew immediately that I was going to write about my love for it,” said Forret. 


Forret had no trouble finding a topic to write about and considered the essay to be a stress free assignment. Forret knew that this was a super important assignment, but still treated it like normal in an effort to calm her nerves. 


“Writing the college essay was a lot less stressful for me than others. I was able to get it done fairly quickly and I am proud of how I told my story through it,” said Forret. 


Eleanor Meek (11), youngest of 4 siblings, is all too familiar with the college admission process. Having seen all her siblings go through this, she knows the stress and anxiety that comes from the college essay. Meek also wrote her essay on reading. Meek read a quite a bit when she was younger and then fell out of love due to having to complete accelerated reading points for a grade during in elementary and middle school. Since entering high school she has stopped reading because she viewed it as an extra homework assignment, not as a hobby. 


“I fell out of love for reading. I know this is sad but it used to be the most important thing in my life but since high school I have stopped. Falling out of love for it was super sad and I knew it impacted my life so it was a good thing to write about,” said Meek.


The college essay requires students to think outside of the box and share their story in a unique way. Juniors should try their best to not stress out about and become excited for the next few years. 


“Overall despite the anxiety I am excited to start the college application process, I hope all juniors are able to put their anxiety to rest and get excited for their future,” said Meek.