Causing Someone’s Joy, One Card at a Time

Look at this creative card-making service club at Dowling.


Rachel Smith (11)

“Thank you” cards created by the students in Cards for a Cause.

Sarah Wicker, Staff Writer/ Funny Person

Cards for a Cause is a club run by the students of Dowling Catholic and has been around since 2017. The club promotes creativity through the act of charity. This club achieves said creativity through charity by inviting all of the students at Dowling to create handmade greeting cards for those in need of some cheering up.


What a usual Cards for a Cause meeting looks like. Pre-COVID of course!  (Charlene Flood)

Student leaders Rachel Smith (11) and Ella Spanovic (11) explained what Cards for a Cause means to them in their own words. 


“I would describe Cards for a Cause as a fun, creative club where you and your friends can spend time together while making cards to brighten people’s days,” Spanovic said.


Cards for a Cause is a laid back club and a nice place to socialize after school,” Smith said.


Now, you’re probably asking yourself; “Where do these greeting cards go?” Teacher moderator, Mrs. Flood, told all about the various causes this club has helped out in the past. 


We have sent cards locally to children at Mercy Hospital, to families staying at the Ronald McDonald house, to soldiers serving at Camp Dodge, and to residents at Bishop Drumm,” Flood said. 


So, how can you get involved in a super cool club like this? Spanovic discussed how often they meet up for club assembly. 


We meet one or two Tuesdays a month after school,” Spanovic said. 


Smith also mentioned how to gain service hours while participating in the club. Through attendance, assembly, and or delivery, you’ll never fail to achieve the yearly ten service hour goal!


Cards for a Cause brightening many people’s days with their artful greeting cards! (Rachel Smith(11) )

“You can get one hour for attending the full meeting after school. When dropping off cards, you can get an hour for about 4 cards,” Smith said. 


Cards for a Cause has been extremely successful even in COVID-19 times! Flood shared the amount of participants in the club and that number is ever growing. 


This year, we have had 63 students involved so far. We have had five different activities, but only three in-person meetings so far. We have created over 300 cards and volunteered over 65 man-hours,” Flood said. 


Want more details about upcoming events and service opportunities regarding Cards for a Cause?  Want to be a part of that ever growing number of participants? Follow them on Instagram @dchscardsforacause !