Tennis Tryouts

Students give insight on their emotions about the new and upcoming tennis tryouts.


Denise Youngers

Becca Youngers (11), Natalie Bejarno (11), and their sisters during the 2019 season.

Natalie Bejarno, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has brought many changes to the Dowling Catholic Girls’ Tennis program this season as well as last season. The 2020 season was cancelled due to the upbringing of COVID-19. This upcoming season, coaches think it best for both the community and health of players and coaches to have athletes go through tryouts. Tennis is a popular spring sport many people like to participate in, which makes it hard to practice social distancing with the number of active participants. 


Tryouts this year can bring fear to many players, although some players are used to the normalcy of having to try out for a sport.


“I’ve played volleyball my whole high school career, so this won’t be my first time trying out for a sport. Although, I am already feeling nervous for tryouts,” Lydia Cleghorn (11) said.


Zoe Leonhardt (11) seems to agree.


“I have tried out for basketball many times. Tryouts always make me nervous going into them,” Leonhardt said.


For others, tryouts this year aren’t such a big deal.


Anna Claire Schoenfelder (11) serving during her match. (Tina Schoenfelder)

“I have been playing tennis since 7th grade. I personally don’t think tryouts will affect me a whole lot as long as I do my best at them, just because I made the team last year,” Anna Claire Schoenfelder (11) said.


Tryouts may not be on some of the athletes’ minds; however, training is still a big factor in any sport, tryouts or not. 


“For tennis tryouts and the upcoming season, I am playing most days of the week at Lifetime and I am doing private practice at Des Moines Golf to make sure I am in shape and playing my best when the season starts. I have been training and playing any chance I get,” Schoenfelder said.


Although tryouts can bring fear or nerve wracking thoughts, all athletes are excited and ready to see what the 2021 tennis season will bring!


“I am looking forward to spending time with my teammates and being able to play matches and hopefully winning,” Schoenfelder said.