Swifties Speak Now

Passionate Taylor Swift fans share their opinions and educate the Post on Swift’s recent year.


Joe Baumhover

High quality photo taken of Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour.

Logan Flori, Staff Writer

In the social media world, Taylor Swift has been all the buzz this past year. With two surprise album releases and a few anticipated re-releases, fans have been overwhelmed with content. 


Trustworthy fans share their opinions on Swift’s recent activity and fill our audience in on her history.


Joe Baumhover (11) mentioned he has been a Swiftie since 2007 when her debut album was released, which makes him an extremely credible source for Taylor knowledge. 


Lauren Schroeder (11) similarly backs up her integrity as a Swiftie.


“I think I’m a credible fan because I literally never shut up about her, so…” Schroeder said. 


Two besties, Joe Baumhover (11) and Becca Youngers (11), bond over their love for a Taylor Swift album. (Becca Youngers)


After proving to be reliable, Baumhover elaborated on how Taylor’s past has played a role in her decision to re-release at least one album this year. According to Baumhover, Taylor Swift does not own her first six records, only her most recent three (“Lover,” “Folklore,” and “Evermore”). Instead, the company ‘Big Machine Records’ changed owners and Taylor’s rights were sold away. 


Both fans recognized Swift’s decision to re-record her albums as a power move and continue to fully support her, as well as her two new albums with a drastically different style than her previous works. 


“I love [Folklore], and according to my Apple Music Replay for 2020 I listened to Folklore 551 times,” Baumover said. “You can guess how I was feeling during quarantine based on that number!”


Schroeder, on the other hand, prefers some of Swift’s older work.


“My favorite album is ‘Reputation’ because I feel like it’s such a bad b moment,” Schroeder said. “I genuinely cannot think of a skip on it.”


Despite their differing favorite Taylor Swift eras, the two devotees unite against the numerous haters.


“I respect all kinds of music tastes,” Baumhover said. “I can understand why Taylor might not be for everyone but I mean hey, haters gonna hate…hate…hate..hate…hate.”