Smoothie Craze

A review on a local business, Lifestyle Juices


Eleanor Meek

Local Juice Bar, Lifestyle Juices

Eleanor Meek, Staff Writer

Everyone loves a good smoothie, but the smoothie chains like Juice Co. and Smoothie King may leave you feeling unsatisfied and unhealthy. Small business Lifestyle Juices, however, is a family owned, authentic juice bar that leaves you feeling refreshed and full afterwards. 

The fresh produce displayed at Lifestyle Juices


Lifestyle juices is located on the Drake campus right by the Jimmy Johns and it’s open from 9:00a.m- 6:00pm. Although the juice bar is small, it’s full of fresh produce and bright smiles.


When I visited the juice bar, it was ran by one very nice man who helped us decide what to get. The menu is full of different options including protein, green, and seasonal smoothies, plus wheatgrass and other wellness shots. They also sell whole gallons of their smoothies. For how authentic their smoothies, are the prices are reasonable. You can get a smoothie for $5.99. Smoothie King and Juice Co sell their smoothies for much more. Going to Lifestyle Juices is both the healthier and cooler option. 


I went to Lifestyle juices with Bethany Patton (10), and I got the ‘Sweet Passion Smoothie’ and she got the ‘Bahamian Blast.’ My smoothie had kiwi, apple, watermelon, blueberry, and strawberry. It was a perfect mix and made me feel full and healthy afterwards. Patton had the same experience, she even talked about coming back.


“Once I can drive I’m coming here all the time” Patton said.


Patton’s smoothie had pineapple, papaya, mango and coconut. Patton has been skeptical of  smoothies since a bad experience with Smoothies King, but her faithfulness was restored after this visit. 


The large menu not even including seasonal and wellness shots.

“I loved the whole vibe of the place, honestly. The person who made our smoothies was so nice, and we got to watch him literally juice the pineapple in front of us. I definitely will be going back again, and I can’t wait to try all their smoothies,” Patton said.


I would recommend this place to any smoothie lover because of the authenticity of the juice and just how good they are. Especially with COVID, it’s the perfect time to support local small businesses. Head to Lifestyle Juices next time you crave a smoothie!