Girls’ Guide on 2021 Fashion

2021 new fashion trends and tips for the girls


Kendal Hemry (12)

Kendal Hemry’s (12) outfit in downtown Des Moines.

Natalia Scales, Staff Writer

With the start of the new year, you may be thinking, “what are some new fashion trends that you can wear?” I am here to tell you some new things that are either coming back in style or a new style that you can wear this year. 


The first new style that has really taken over the fashion area is layering outfits, especially with a vest! With this super cold weather we are experiencing recently, these outfits are perfect to pull off if you want to keep warm but look stylish at the same time. They are quick and easy outfits to put together, too, if you are in a rush and want to look good. If you don’t own a vest, don’t worry, they are easy to make. If you have an old sweater that you don’t wear anymore, carefully cut the sleeves off of it to create a similar look. 


“I love wearing an oversized vest over a long sleeve shirt. It makes me look dressed up and nice, and it is a quick, easy outfit to put together,” Ava Taiber (12) said. 


The next big fashion trend is not specifically clothing related, it’s shoes! More specifically, Nike’s famous ‘Air Force 1s’ that are taking over and seen everywhere when you just walk around. When you look down, you will see all different kinds and colors of them, which make them fun and unique. Many go with matching outfits or even help spice up your outfit. These shoes can go with everything from a casual outfit to a dress. There are so many different and unique ways to style a pair of air forces and definitely the go-to shoe of 2021. 


“I love air forces, and they are definitely my shoe of choice for wherever I go,” Josie Patton (11) said. 


Another trend is known more as lounge wear, but recently people have been mixing it up and wearing these all around. Matching sets are back in town! This is another outfit that you can dress up or dress down. To dress this outfit up, people are adding cute chunky boots, turtle necks, and gold/silver jewelry. These are outfits that you can look cute in and feel comfortable at the same time. Matching sets went from outfits you wear around the house to an outfit you will find out on the street. 


“This year I have really gotten into matching outfits and think it is definitely a cute outfit I will wear if I just want to feel comfortable,” Lauren McCullum (12) said. 


The last new trendy style is oversized pants. We all had a phase where we wore high waisted skinny jeans in middle school. Now, it is mom jeans and baggy sweatpants. To pull these oversized pants together, you can balance it with a crop top or tight fitting t-shirt. Plus, this isn’t just specific to one pant style, it goes for all from loose fitting slacks, to jeans, to sweatpants. This style is another way to look cute and feel comfortable in your clothing. 


“I wear over sized pants with half of my outfits, and they are so easy to style. I can either look cute in them or just lounge around the house with them on,” Kendal Hemry (12) said.