Conference Break Travels

Three Dowling students give insight about their plans for the long weekend.


Christy Hemry

Kendal Hemry (12) with her dad, on their boat trip in the Bahamas.

Talia Schiltz, Staff Writer

As another one of Dowling’s annual conference breaks arrives, students are taking trips with their families for a getaway weekend. Some students are staying within the country, but some, like Kendal Hemry (12), were extra lucky to get the chance to go out of the country. 


“I’m traveling out of the country with my whole family to the Bahamas for a boat trip,” Hemry said. 


Henry is excited to spend some time with her family in the warm weather to get away from the cold here in Des Moines. She plans to stay COVID safe over her vacation by taking proper precautions. 


“I’m staying COVID safe by wearing a mask at all times needed, getting tested before we leave, 5 days after we get there, and before we come back,” Hemry said. 


While Hemry gets to spend the break in the sunshine, some students are spending their weekend in the snow. Addy Smith (11) is traveling to Colorado, and Kennedy Cox (11) is traveling to Montana. 


“My family loves to ski, even though we are not that good, we usually go up to a place in Montana called Galena,” Cox said. 


While Cox plans to ski in Big Sky, Montana, she plans to make the most of her trip away and also fit in some college visits. 


“We have some good friends in Montana that said there was a really cool skiing place called Big Sky, so we thought we would check it out, while also touring colleges for me,” Cox said. 


Smith is planning to go to Denver, CO and then to Copper Mountain, CO to snowboard, which she enjoys so much. 


“My plans for conference break are to go to Colorado to snowboard, I first am going to Denver, and then I am going to Copper Mountain, right next to Breckenridge,” Smith said. 


Smith and her family decided to go on vacation because they love skiing and snowboarding, and they previously planned the trip and were not able to go. 


“We were supposed to go up during Christmas break, but everything was shut down in Colorado,” Smith said. 


Smith is overjoyed for her vacation and excited to do something fun in her favorite place. 


“I love it up there, it is definitely one of my favorite places in the whole world to be. I love snowboarding, it is just so fun and calming,” Smith said.