All About Dorms

Discover the dorm details for fellow seniors getting ready to go to college this fall.


Emily Tavegia

Emily Tavegia, a former student at Dowling and a freshman at DMACC, has decorated and organized her dorm room to her liking.

Sofia Manzano, Staff Writer

There are many things seniors must think about before going to college, and one essential topic is their dorms and the necessities they need for them. Along with the important items, decorations are also key to allowing students to personalize and bring items that remind them of home.


With dorms comes the topic of roommates, and a handful of students have mixed feelings about having another person live with them. Katherine Kunz (12) is attending Creighton University this fall and is a tad nervous about having a roommate.


“I’m a bit nervous about having a roommate because we won’t have the same sleep schedule, and we would have to count on each other to keep the dorm clean and organized,” Kunz said. “I just want to be able to get along with whoever this person will be.”


On the other hand, some students are rooming with someone they already know. Maddy Bergman (12) is attending Iowa State University and is rooming with one of her friends. 2


“I’m rooming with the beautiful and talented Sophia Stone,” Bergman said. “I found it easier to room with someone I already knew because I would be nervous to have a roommate I didn’t know beforehand.”


Many students have already made a list of things to bring with them to college. It’s important to make sure students pack the necessities, and many have started to collect their essential items for their dorm rooms.


I have not bought dorm essentials yet, but I have found items like a mini-fridge, fan, and a microwave which I have placed in my Amazon shopping cart,” Avery Tiernan (12) said. “I am also definitely going to buy a shower caddy because my school has public restrooms.”


Aside from dorm essentials, most students are planning to bring decorations and items to personalize their dorm rooms. Bringing things that remind students from home is one way to help with feelings of homesickness as well. 


“For starters, I’m bringing my cat, who’s a walking, breathing reminder of home, and a really cool tarot card tapestry,” Bergman said. “I’m also bringing pictures of my friends and family from home as well as letters from my girlfriend and drawings that my little sisters have made me.”


There are many things to look forward to in college, and many students are excited to have dorms and live on their own. 


“I’m super excited to decorate my dorm and make it unique to me,” Kunz said. “ I’m also pumped to gain a sense of independent living.”


Emily Tavegia’s bedroom set up at DMACC.