Back on Track

With the COVID-19 pandemic, track season is about to start on March 1st


Chris Pierson

Chris Pierson (11) competes during one of his track meets

Patrick Feltz, Staff Writer

Due to COVID-19, many activities around the country have been postponed or flat out cancelled. But with the track season being yet to be cancelled, its members are hoping for an ongoing season.


“Having a season is the most exciting part, to run with the guys again. We only got pre-season instead of real meets last year. Hopefully, we can have a full season to run and not have it cut short,” Chris Pierson (11) said.


With the team’s plans to continue, many of the runners have high hopes for the upcoming season, if all goes well, and their own personal goals


“Personally, I hope to get a sub five mile and contribute to the team. Winning state will always be a goal for the team, so we are working really hard to achieve it,” Pierson said.


Unfortunately, the season may not occur if positive cases continuously show up, and if Dowling decides to shut it down, which worries some of the athletes.


“Our biggest concern will have to be dealing with the positive cases with Covid. That could cause us to quarantine and fall out of shape since we will not be allowed to go outside our rooms,” Pierson said.


With the track season starting Monday, March 1st, the runners are prepping with the pre-season to increase their stamina and health to be as fast as possible.


“We have been running throughout the entire winter,” Pierson said.


Another interesting element will be the amount of meets available for all of the athletes to participate in.


“Our season will start March 1st, and it is looking like there will be a good amount of meets for varsity, but we do not know if they will be available for all teams, JV and Varsity, with meets starting late March,” Pierson said.


Nonetheless, the Dowling track teams are ready to compete and savor every moment of their upcoming seasons.