Black History Month

The history of Black History month

Gracey Timm, Staff Writer

Black History Month begins February 1st and ends on March 1st. Its a month dedicated to the successes of the African-American community. It is primarily recognized in the US and Canada, but has also been observed more recently in Ireland, the Netherlands, and the UK.


This moth is a time of recognizing African-Americans’ central role in US history. This was originally declared in the US, but has spread to other nations throughout time. Due to the civil rights movement, what was initially Negro History Week evolved into Black History Month.


The events in 2020 were proof the African-Americans are still struggling for the same rights as white citizens. For as long as anyone can remember, races in America have not always been viewed as equal, and that is something that Black history month attempts to draw attention to.


The Black History Month 2021 theme is Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity. This explores the African diaspora, and the spread of Black families across the United States. These communities have become much more prevalent and common than they have been in the past.


African-Americans have made significant progress in what they have been fighting for since the beginning of time, and with the help of everybody, that progress can continue instead of stopping.