Winter Fun or Winter Dread

With an already tough school year, see how students feel about the cold winter


Addy Smith

Addy Smith and her family enjoying the slopes.

Natalie Thomas, Staff Writer

The weather this February has been one for the history books. With snow constantly on the ground, and three weeks of bitter cold temperatures, students have had limited time to go outside and have grown tired of this never ending winter.  Sub-zero temperatures are never fun. With an already hard school year, frigid temperatures are making it unbearable. Most students want a hint of warm weather.


Katie Williams (11) is tired of the endless winter storms. Williams plays indoor soccer at the Soccer House, a building that has a tough time regulating temperatures, so when temperatures are below freezing, it is too. 


“When the weather is gross outside, the Soccer House is too, so it makes practice a little less fun for everyone,” Williams said. 


Considering the tough school year, Williams misses the warm summer air. She also, like most students, doesn’t like the fact that the school has a hard time keeping warm temperatures in all classrooms. 


“It is an already hard school year, and with major temperature drops, it has been very depressing. The last few weeks, it has been as cold as Antarctica. It also doesn’t help that it’s hard to heat the entire school, so some of the classrooms feel just as cold as it is outside,” Williams said. 


Other students have looked forward to the snow. Addy Smith (11) loves winter. She loves to go out snowboarding or anything that could possibly give her a huge adrenaline rush. Outside activities aren’t the only thing that brings a smile to her face.

Addy Smith doing her favorite winter activity, snowboarding. (Addy Smith)

“My favorite winter activity is snowboarding. I love being on the slopes and out feeling the wind go against my face, ” Smith said. 


Smith’s family are big snowboarders, finding any place they can go to get some fresh snow and try out the slopes. Her family bonds over their shared love for it and doesn’t mind the long drives to Colorado to find good snow. 


With this long winter, hopefully you can find a light at the end of the tunnel, or hopefully, your wish for warm weather will soon come true.