The Breakfast Club: Reviewed

“The Breakfast Club” super-fan tries out Des Moines’ latest restaurant of the same name.


Stella Logsdon

The exterior of The Breakfast Club in downtown Des Moines.

Stella Logsdon, Staff Writer/Editor

The Circumstance

John Hughes’ 1985 classic, “The Breakfast Club,” is regarded as one of the most iconic movies of all time. That is, by me, at least. The captivating nature of five students sitting in a library, dissecting life’s problems while dealing with the unspoken troubles of the teenage years is something truly magical. Upon my first viewing of the film, I felt as if I had been taken out of my living room and was sitting at one of the library tables at Shermer High School, listening to Molly Ringwald talk. Naturally, “The Breakfast Club” has become an essential aspect of my teenage years, and honestly, a defining part of my personality. 


Though I may not reside in the Chicago suburbs like the characters of the film, Des Moines may have provided me with the next best thing. The Breakfast Club, a new brunch spot located in southeast downtown, features a vintage aesthetic with a modern diner menu that mixes familiar favorites with new dishes and drinks to try. Considering the already exciting feeling of getting my favorite movie recognized within the restaurant industry, and the precedent that, yes, my family owns a small business bakery themselves, I figured this was the perfect recipe for me. I decided to head down to The Breakfast Club and see if it lived up to the high standards that I hold.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I deemed it the safest option to place a carry-out order for my family and I. Here’s a look at each item we ordered, and what my thoughts are on The Breakfast Club.


The Breakfast Corn Dogs from The Breakfast Club. (Stella Logsdon)

Breakfast Corn Dogs

As a fan of sweet breakfast foods, I ordered the Breakfast Corn Dogs, which have breakfast sausage wrapped in maple butter batter, served with a blueberry maple syrup. These three corn dogs were a perfect serving size for a hungry customer, but also marketed as an appetizer, which makes them great to share, too. The blueberry maple syrup was just sweet enough to pair with the savory breakfast sausage. I enjoyed these corn dogs, and would definitely try them again.


Captain Quinoa

The Captain Quinoa from The Breakfast Club. (Stella Logsdon)

My mom ordered what’s called the Captain Quinoa, a breakfast scramble consisting of eggs, Impossible sausage, poblano peppers, tomatoes, quinoa, arugula, and a citrus vinaigrette. To make this a fair review, I decided to try some of the food, and I was pleasantly surprised. The combination of the ingredients within the scramble were incredible together, and the nutty flavor of the arugula provided a unique flavor that I was a fan of. Though I typically don’t opt for a dish along these lines, I would recommend trying this dish!


Lox of Love

Lox of Love, from The Breakfast Club. (Stella Logsdon)

My dad chose Lox of Love off The Breakfast Club menu, which is an open-face toast dish with smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, lemon, red onions, and everything bagel seasoning on rye bread. Within my taste test, I came to the conclusion that I like this dish, but could pass on the rye bread. For me personally, the smoked salmon, capers, and red onion provide bold enough flavors, and the bread maybe was a little bit of overkill. However, the ingredients were very fresh, and I would deem this dish to be worth a try.


My Final Thoughts

All together, my love of food and “The Breakfast Club” provided me with an amazing opportunity that, truthfully, was pretty rewarding! Though I would have loved for the interior to match the iconic library of Shermer High School, or have more references to the movie hidden within the menu, I would consider this to be a fresh and fun experience that is worth a try! For the ultimate experience, do yourself a favor and eat your carry-out food in front of the TV, while binging John Hughes’ classic film.


Interested in trying The Breakfast Club for yourself?

Give them a call at (515) 280-5251

Check our their website.

Or, visit them at 212 E 3rd Street in downtown Des Moines.

Open daily, 6:00 AM – 2:30 PM.


Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club.