Take it to Wells!

The girls’ basketball team are anticipating their first round of state coming up on Monday


Tom Donahue

Varsity girls basketball team spending quality time together before one of their games.

Talia Schiltz, Staff Writer

With the girls basketball season coming to an end, the girls are cherishing their last games and reminiscing on the season. The girls played Cedar Rapids Washington earlier this week. It was a nailbiter, but they pulled through and won by two. 


“This past game, I was nervous going into it. I felt a lot of pressure and I knew that it was going to be a tough game,” Emma Gipple (11) said. 


Other girls on the team felt the same emotions as Gipple. Many girls were nervous going into the game. Maddie Wishman (12) wanted nothing but to go to state her senior year. 


“I really wanted to make it to state, and at the beginning of the game, calls weren’t going our way. At halftime, we came out and played our game, took control, and ended up with the win,” Wishman said. 


Sports seasons always come along with some negatives. This year, along with a pandemic, a lot of athletes were injured. 


“Some negative things this season are that we have been pretty unlucky with injuries. Lauryn Frerichs (10), Paige Hobbs (12), Julia Friedrich (11), Ella McVey (12), Lexi Boles (12), and Ally Anderson (10) have all had to sit out at times because of injuries,” Gipple said. 


Although this season had some negatives, there were also many positives moments. Every player has their favorite moments from each season, and Julia Moore’s (10) includes intense games with her teammates. 


“My favorite parts of the season are Emma’s game winning shot versus Valley, and beating Cedar Rapids Washington to make it to state,” Moore said. 


Most of the time, teams lose seniors every year. It is always hard to bond with a new team the next season, and get through the hardships a new season might bring. 


“Going into this season with a whole new team and so many seniors having graduated, I was unsure of how it would go. As the season went on, I became more and more confident that we would be a contender for state,” Gipple said. 


The girls are showing their talent more and more each week. Some teams may have thought Dowling wouldn’t have made it this far this year, but they are here to prove them wrong. 


“I think this year we have always played as the underdogs and no one expected much success out of us, but we have proved to the state and ourselves that we can compete with any team in the state,” Gipple said. 


Now that the girls achieved their first step to making it to state, their next challenge is to beat Waukee on Monday, March 1st, at Wells Fargo Arena. 


“I think we will finish happy with how we played and proud of what we accomplished. Our next game is Monday at 9 AM at Wells Fargo Arena. Hope to see people at the Wells!” Wishman said.