Dowling Students’ Solutions to Keeping Their Resolutions

Are you sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? Hear from Dowling Catholic students to see how theirs are going!


Lydia Cleghorn

Alaina Cleghorn’s (9) weekly reminder to help her stick to her New Year’s resolutions.

Natalie Bejarno, Staff Writer

Most people always start off the year strong by making their New Year’s resolutions their first priority. For some, when January comes to an end, their New Year’s resolutions take the back burner. It can be hard to continue to sustain the motivation to hold yourself accountable throughout the rest of the year. For Alaina Cleghorn (9), her New Year’s resolution has been something she has stuck to. 


“My New Year’s resolutions are going pretty well! I have been writing down one good thing that happens to me every week of my 2021. I have a reminder set every Sunday of every week to add a small piece of paper to my jar, and so far I have stuck to that goal,” Cleghorn said. 


When setting New Year’s resolutions, sometime you might have ideas that will benefit your lifestyle in the next year, but these resolutions don’t always benefit you as much as you thought.


“It has been hard to stick to my goal because I’m not sure if it will be beneficial in the end. I don’t know if I will want to look back through my jar at the end of the year because all my weeks are looking the same nowadays,” Cleghorn said.


Liz Wallin (11) seems to agree that new goals come with the reality of temptations and doubts.


“It is tempting to just be lazy after school or work, it has also been hard with school work piling up. That makes it more difficult to get in a workout,” Wallin said.


But also, when thinking about the outcome in the end, it makes it easier to find motivation.


“If I feel lazy I just think about how I will feel after my workout. My resolutions have definitely made my year better so far, I feel healthier and full of energy,” Wallin said.


If your New Year’s resolutions aren’t going as planned, remember that it will make your 2021 better in the near future, it’s not too late to turn your 2021 around and pursue your goals!