Shining a Light on Lent

See what some Dowling Students gave up for Lent.


Eleanor Meek, Staff Writer

It’s expected that when Lent comes around, we give up something we love to represent Jesus’ sacrifice when he went into the desert to pray and fast for the 40 days before later dying on the cross. It was easier though, when you were younger and could give up candy or watching TV after school, but now, students want it to be something meaningful and more challenging to give up. 


Chloe Kasch (11) gave up buying fast food with her friends.


“I felt like I was spending a lot of my paycheck on food when I could be spending it on things that are more important,” Kasch said. 


This was also a challenging task for Kasch because it’s a very normal activity for her friends. 


“So far it’s been going good, a little bit more challenging when I’m with my friends or out and about and wanting to go get fast food,” Kasch said.


She found that its helped her in ways she wasn’t expecting,


“I do think it has helped me save some of my money and with self discipline,” Kasch said.


Joe Baumhover (11) decided to give up Snapchat for his Lenten season.


“I chose to delete Snapchat because I wanted to be on my phone less, and I thought Snapchat would help me do so,” Baumhover said. 


As Snapchat has turned into a major way of communication for most people our age, this task seemed really difficult when Baumhover first decided to delete Snapchat, but he has actually been thriving.


“It’s actually gone surprisingly well. I’ve found myself not missing it, which is surprising to think about how much I used it previously,” Baumhover said.


This might be somewhat of a permanent change for Baumhover after he discovered the benefits of deleting the app. 


“It definitely has helped me stay off my phone, and it has allowed me to be more in the moment, and surprisingly, has helped a bit with my mental health!” Baumhover said.