Social Media Outbreak During Pandemic

During the pandemic, many teenagers have turned to social media for the social aspect while staying isolated and safe.


Josie Patton (11) screen time total on a Thursday.

Natalia Scales, Staff Writer

With the pandemic going on, it is easier to get glued to your phone and not realize, but if we actually think about it, we spend more than half of our day looking at a screen. Teenagers’ eyes are locked on their screen, looking at all different social media platforms. Being quarantined has a big influence on this. Many people get bored and either will watch some Netflix or start scrolling through TikTok and look up to realize two hours has passed by!


People started to go to social media during the pandemic to keep that social connection they were missing by staying isolated and safe. People even started using social media in a school aspect to get in touch and talk to classmates or get help with homework. Social media can be an addicting thing to get attached to and hard to stop. Many take a break from apps to stay off their phone. 


“Right after the majority of the things I do, I go right to my phone and always loose track of time. It isn’t until sometimes when I get a headache, I realize I need to step away from the phone and do something,” Gracee Dowell (12) said.


This can start to affect people in bad ways, though. With having online learning, it’s hard to stay focused and not just go on your phone. You can also start to procrastinate or have trouble paying attention and getting tasks done. These social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat start to become a part of teenagers daily routines to stay updated. Social media platforms have benefited greatly since the pandemic. TikTok has about 100 million monthly users, which is up 800% since the pandemic hit! 


People use their phones for two reasons. The social and entertainment aspect is one of them. Students struggled with the adjustment from doing online school and staying focused and not let their phones tempt them. With the students now being allowed to return back to school, it does help their focus stay with the class instead of their phones. 


Many go back and forth on this topic of being a good and bad thing in the future. The positive being able to explore and learn more about technology. Negative impact would be losing and forgetting what in-person communication is and starting bad habits of having poor social skills that are important in the future. 


“I see both sides and how technology can help us in the future when we learn more about it, but also can slow us down when we just go on it for the social media aspect,” Josh Stanfel (12) said.


Social media is everywhere. In our spare time, we don’t think to read a book or talk to those around us our head goes straight down to our phone. Next time your mind might be wandering, try to use less time staring at the screen to try to break that habit and try something new.