2021 DCHS Lenten Project

The People to People Chapter at DCHS launches this year’s Lenten Project, partnering with Mary’s Meals.


Logan Flori

Lauren Rotherham (12) poses with the Mary’s Meals collection in her Theology classroom, and encourages you to donate.

Logan Flori, Staff Writer

The Lenten season has arrived. While many have been brainstorming things to give up, Dowling’s People to People Chapter has been working hard to find a way for students to give back.


Current People to People Chapter President Lauren Rotherham (12) explained that the club focuses on educating themselves about various cultures around the world, while incorporating a service aspect into their mission as well. 


“People to People’s motto is peace through understanding, which is so important in today’s world,” Dowling Theology Teacher and People to People Moderator, Mrs. Thierer, said.


The club has partnered with Mary’s Meals to direct the 2021 DCHS Lenten Project and combat hunger through donations from members of the Dowling Catholic community. 


With the option of a general fundraiser or supporting a school, the group decided a specific goal engaging another educational community would be most impactful this year.


“We’re looking to raise more money [this year] than we generally do,” Thierer said. “Only $21 feeds a student for an entire year, and the school we chose has 312 students that we can potentially feed for an entire school year.”


A local connection with Mary’s Meals fostered this project, and coordinators of the project knew many students have previously connected with the well known organization. Still, there were numerous reasons People to People selected Mary’s Meals as a partner.


“Mary’s Meals sources locally, so, once the money is distributed to them, all the ingredients for all the meals are bought locally,” Mrs. Thierer said. “So it is an efficient, self-sustaining project and very exciting for the school we are helping.” 


To sponsor the entire school, the People to People Chapter has set a cumulative goal of $6,552 raised by the end of Lent. Though it may seem to be a steep number, just $5 contributions from each student would accomplish this goal. Each donation is an appreciated act of service, which goes a long way for both a hungry child and your Lenten sacrifice. 


“When you serve others, you’re serving God,” Rotherham said. “Especially during Lent, giving to others is really important.”


There are many accessible ways to donate to the 2021 Lenten Project for students both in-person and online. One option is to text the word ‘MARY’ to 202-8581233. Another available option is visiting givebutter.com/DCHSGive. Included in this article and on posters around the school is a QR code, which links to the donation website. There also are collection boxes located in Theology classrooms throughout the building. 


Here is the QR code to donate online, open your camera app and aim at the code, then open the website that pops up. (Logan Flori)


In other words, there is no excuse not to contribute a few dollars to the Lenten Project this year. Be giving, and prioritize almsgiving this Lent by emptying your spare change or a few generous dollars into a collection box for kids in need.