This is March

Here are some things to look forward to in the greatest month of the year


Jake Olson, Staff Writer

Here it is. The best time of the year. The best month of the year, and it’s not even close. March: the month that we see winter go to spring, the month that we see seniors go on their spring break trips, and the time where college basketball fans love to enjoy some of the best basketball of the year, where memories are made. This month is action-packed from top to bottom with so many amazing things. 


To start things off, the weather in March is much more endurable than seeing -30 degrees on a cold morning walk inside the DCHS building. You start to see some of the people’s favorite weather of the year during this time. An amazing 50 degrees and sunny is some of the best weather the state of Iowa sees, not too hot but not too cold. Also, instead of seeing snow and ice, people see beautiful rain showers. Everything is just an upgrade from the winter midwest weather we see in January and February. 


The next thing is spring break trips. After getting battered by the freezing below zero temperatures during those winter months, people flock to places like Florida and Arizona to see sunny and 75 degrees once more. Seniors especially love going to these places with friends and family to enjoy a couple of fun-filled days in warm weather before they head back for the last part of their senior year. 


And finally, the best thing about March is college basketball. Teams are fighting to make their case to be in the tournament, bubble teams are getting in or out, and Cinderella stories come to reality. For about a solid week, you have non-stop college basketball at the highest level, a sports fan’s paradise. 


After not being able to enjoy the sweet sweet glory of March last year, we are back at it this year ready to bask in the goodness of this amazing month. This is March.