Give Us a Break

With spring break fast approaching, those staying home share their not-so big plans.


Stella Logsdon

An accurate depiction of how we’re all feeling.

Stella Logsdon, Staff Writer/Editor

Spring break 2021 is right around the corner, and for some, this means absolutely nothing. After almost a full year of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, many remain trying not to let their cabin fever get the best of them. However, as it comes with any time off from school, there is some standard to which we hold ourselves to take advantage of this opportunity. For certain students, that means travelling abroad, despite public health data arguing otherwise. For others, at first thought, spring break this year seems just about as exciting as staying in your house can be.


But, that is not to say that the safe option has to be the boring option. We could spend our time feeling jealous of those who decided against COVID-19, or we can do something about it! Sophie Porter (11) shared her plans for a make-shift spring break vacation.


“I plan to just relax during my week off, sleep in, watch movies, read, and finally get a break from all the craziness of the past few weeks,” Porter said.


Adowek Ajoung (12) had a similar plan to what Porter had in store.


“I have work to complete for my upcoming classes, so I’ll be working on that during break! I also want to catch up on my reading as I haven’t gotten the time to just sit and relax in a while. I think I’ll also catch up on some Netflix, so it’ll be a very entertaining break at home!” Ajoung said.


Lele Nigg (12) had plenty of ideas of what to do to keep themselves occupied over break, proving to be a master of self-sufficiency.


“I am actually house-sitting for my neighbor. I’m going to take care of their dog and stuff while they’re all on vacation. My best friend just got un-grounded, so I’m going to spend a ton of time with them. I’ll also probably hammock; I’m planning on reading, maybe do some baking or make some bracelets…I’m not sure! I always find ways to occupy myself,” Nigg said.


These relaxing agendas are the product of precautionary thoughts regarding COVID-19.


“I’m staying home from spring break this year due to concerns with COVID and our inability to fly internationally without mandated quarantining,” Porter said.


Nigg shared a similar thought as they also acknowledged the impact COVID-19 has had on what was once universally considered to be one of the school year’s biggest perks.


“My family is very, very careful because we don’t want to do anything that could put my brother at risk of getting COVID. That’s why we all do schoolwork and everything at home,” Nigg said.


Much like Porter and Nigg, Ajoung has also been cautious, and she has learned to adapt to these challenging times.


“COVID has put a foot in a lot of [my family’s] travel plans just because of how fast it spreads,” Ajoung said.


Ajoung isn’t the only one whose plans for travel were canceled due to the pandemic. Grant Mullenbach (12) is in a similar boat to Ajoung and to many other families.


“I was going to go on a trip, but COVID stopped that. It’ll still be nice to get time off and relax,” Mullenbach said.


Staying home, Mullenbach shared his plans for the break.


“I plan on getting outside because it will be nice out, especially after all the cold and snow we have been getting. Also, [I plan to] workout and get ready for baseball,” Mullenbach said.


On the note of weather, it is hard not to acknowledge that spring break is the checkpoint to the final destination of students: summer.


“Hopefully by summertime, everything will get back to some type of normal,” Ajoung said.


But for now, may these students’ plans serve as inspiration, and they reignite that spark we all had this time last year, using our new time at home to try something new! Take up knitting, read a novel, clean out your closet, pack a picnic, hit the bike trail, the world is your oyster! Just because Des Moines isn’t a tropical location doesn’t mean that those of us staying home and remaining cautious can’t enjoy what has potential to be a great break. Happy spring!