Bopping to Get Boba

A new boba cafe has opened up near Dowling Catholic!


Natalie Thomas

The Outside of Ocha

Natalie Thomas, Staff Writer

Ocha is a new favorite for many Des Moines boba lovers. The cafe has a variety of different drinks and crazy desserts. 


Ocha serves many different teas ranging from the classics like black tea to fruity favorites like jasmine. However, their most popular selections are their milk teas. Having six different flavors of milk teas, there is always a new combination to try out!


When I went, I ordered the Hokkaido Milk Tea with Honey Boba. I would recommend this drink to fellow boba lovers. Not only was the tea spectacular, but the boba was too, which can be something that a lot of boba restaurants overdue, but Ocha has the perfect combination!

The Ocha menu on a wall of the cafe (Natalie Thomas)


If boba is not your cup of tea, Ocha also offers smoothies and slushies. Ocha offers three different smoothie options: Mango and Cream, Matcha Green Tea, and Taro. As far as slushies go, they have ten different fruity flavors. 


The other big-ticket item at the cafe is Bingsu, a Korean-style shaved ice. Customers can pick one of six different flavors, add two or more toppings, and top it off with the customer’s choice of drizzles. Customers can play around with different flavor and topping combinations every time they come back to the cafe. 


Eleanor Meek (11) went to Ocha to try boba for the first time. She ordered the Hokkaido Milk Tea with Jelly boba. Meek did not know what to expect with her drink.


“I was super excited to try it out. I recommend Ocha to people who want to try it. Overall, I liked it, but it was a flavor I was not expecting,” Meek said. 


Another plus of Ocha is the friendly atmosphere. All the workers are super friendly, and the cafe also has a welcoming atmosphere.

A teddy bear inside the cafe (Natalie Thomas)


“It’s decorated really well. Most cafes I feel have a fast pace hectic atmosphere, but Ocha was relaxing,” Meek said. 


Ocha is the place you should go to reward yourself after a long hard day of finals or for a pick-me-up any day of the week!