Prom Pandemonium

Dowling students weigh in their thoughts as prom is “officially official” this year


Becca Youngers

Prom fever is incredibly infectious right now at Dowling Catholic

Becca Youngers, Editor-in-chief

Prom was the topic of the town last week for much of the upperclassmen population. Some frantically posted out of fear of not finding a date, others rushed to claim their outfits ahead of time, and some sat back and tried their best to ignore the stress.


Though the official announcement, made by the Junior Class Officers, found its way to students through their inboxes by the end of last week, the news spread like wildfire prior to the announcement and survey sent out.


The excitement has partially died down this week, but many students were absolutely ecstatic about being able to finally partake in one of the essential rights of passage of high school: school dances.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, school events in general have never been guaranteed this year. Seniors like Sarah Wicker shared a common feeling of enthusiasm to be experiencing something unprecedented that didn’t happen to be a pandemic.


I have never been to prom before, and I’ve always wanted to know what it is like. I believe it is going to be much safer than most gatherings I’ve been to, and it’s going to be a fun time!” Wicker said.


For juniors like Abby Dressen and Joe Baumhover, this will be their first high school dance ever, and it’s hard to be anything but thrilled for this experience.


“I am very happy with what they [the administration] are doing. I can tell they want us to have fun and are doing their best to keep it normal,” Dressen said.


“Prom, to me, seems like such a staple part of high school, so I am excited that I am able to go to one this year,” Baumhover said.


Last week, the upperclassmen were buzzing with possible prom plans, figuring out the perfect attire, and everything else in between. Some upperclassmen such as Baumhover had translated their “go with the flow” attitude towards this unique school year towards prom.


“I’m not too stressed out about prom because I have a lot of things figured out; I’m more excited than stressed,” Baumhover said. 


Others have not taken the news so well and have instantly turned to stress regarding all-things prom. 


“I have definitely let the stress get to me. I am stressing out about everything because I feel like all of the news of prom happened so fast,” Dressen said. 


Multiple students have utilized their best planning skills and put them to use in the past week to solidify their prom plans. Some have already opted for going with a date, while others have chosen to take a close friend.


“I am planning on going with my friend, Hannah Smith. She asked me if I wanted to go with her during lunch, and I am so excited to go with a friend!” Wicker said.


“I don’t have many solidified plans but I plan on going with Becca Youngers, and overall I am very excited,” Baumhover said. 


Perhaps the most important part of prom, finding the perfect prom outfit, has contributed to much of the prom fever going on at Dowling. Some students flocked to Jordan Creek, prom pop-ups, and boutiques alike this past weekend in order to check the merchandise and find possibilities. Many though, Dressen included, scoped out online selections first.


“I’ve been looking online for dresses. I’m going to go to some stores soon, too. I want a nude, pink-ish color for my dress,” Dressen said.


Wicker, on the other hand, saw the opportunity to utilize one of her go-to shopping spots, thrift stores, as a means to find both a sustainable and affordable option. 


“Stacey’s Bridal and Prom donated most of their inventory to Many Hands Thrift Market, and that’s where I found my dress. It was originally $20 at the thrift, and it was 75% off, so I bought my dress for $5! I am planning to get it altered so it can fit better, which is very affordable. My prom dress is sage green, and it makes me feel very elegant,” Wicker said.


So, what are these upperclassmen looking forward to the most about prom? For most, it’s simply the opportunity to be in social gathering with others for the first time in a year.


Along with the social bonuses, being able to see others’ outfits and getting ready for a special event is very special to students. 


“I am most excited to hang out with people again! I am also excited to have a fun time and for Becca and I to look sick in our prom fits!” Baumhover said.


“I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s outfits and dancing the night away,” Wicker said.


Nonetheless, prom mania has most definitely taken over Dowling the past few weeks. Whether you are excited, nervous, or indifferent about prom, the nostalgia and buildup is uncanny, and it will continue to fill many upperclassmen with optimism and joy. 


Wicker said, “I think it’s truly special that everyone gets to feel and look like royalty for the night.”

Information Available

Prom as of now is scheduled for Saturday, April 24th. Listen to announcements from your Junior Class Officers, and check your email for any updates!