Finally Finals

Dowling Catholic students look forward to break but stay motivated and start preparing for finals.


Natalie Bejarno

Workspace and materials to get ready for finals.

Natalie Bejarno, Staff Writer

As students’ dream about how spring break is right around the corner, finals are also one of the main topics continuously circling their minds. Many students are dreading the thought of finals, while some are excited to get them over with and are ready to relax all of break. 


“Knowing I have a break after finals I would say helps me to finish the semester up stronger than I would have otherwise,” James Barnes (11) said.


Finals are not the most ideal way to end the quarter, but some people seem to be very prepared and not stressed at all.


“I’m not worried about my spanish final because we have spent a lot of time practicing and preparing in class, so I feel pretty confident in what I know,” Colleen Cain (11) said.


Due to COVID-19 Dowling has given the option for students to be in school or online. This change has caused most teachers to make tests and quizzes open note, to give online and in-person students the same advantage on assessments. This rule can sometimes change when it comes to the final exam, causing nervousness in students.


“The final I am most worried about is physics two because all semester [our tests] were open note and the final is not,” Barnes said.


Finals can move a lot faster than expected, Reagan James (11)  is now stressing over the thought that finals are less than a week away and there is a lot of material to cover.


“I’m dreading taking the Sociology final because it has a ton of vocab that I totally forgot about,” James said.


Finals are a dreaded subject to talk about, but factors like good weather are things to use as motivation. For Kate Cain (11) having good weather makes it easier to have the motivation to study and prepare for finals while mind already being in spring break mode.


“I keep myself motivated by being outside while studying or doing homework, so I can enjoy the nice weather we’ve been having while also still doing my work, rather than thinking about being outside while I’m inside,” Kate said.


After a stressful quarter ending with finals, we can all now look forward to a well deserved spring break!