Junior Juggles

Junior year can sometimes be too much.


Sam Schroeder

Sam and Lauren Schroeder (11) visit Columbia University over Thanksgiving break.

Molly Dryer, Staff Writer

Junior year is almost always viewed as the biggest, most important, and hardest year of high school. Whether it be preparing for standardized testing or trying to get perfect grades in the hardest classes, it can all be a lot to juggle. Though there are many challenges, many juniors are excited for what’s to come next year, their final year of high school.


With senior year comes many opportunities. Senior electives, preparing for college, becoming an adult, and finally being the people underclassmen look up to. Before getting too excited for senior year, though, juniors still have to get through the next quarter. 


Many junior students have begun to go on college visits, take different standardized tests, or just dip their toes into the future. Fortunately, Dowling offers standardized testing to all students, and testing is a great way to make sure students are putting in the effort for a successful academic future, but some stress comes with the testing. 


One question students ask themselves before taking standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT is if they should prepare or just go in cold turkey. For many students, their first time is just a base to work off from. Knowing how the test is and what you need to work on can further help you on future tests.


Emily Allen (11) recently took the ACT, taking it before preparation, assuming that she would have to face the dreaded test again.


“The test was definitely harder than I expected. I often was tripped up because of the tricky wording on the test, but knowing I was going to take it again made me less stressed while taking it. Now, I know for the future what I need to study most,” Allen said. 


Although taking any standardized test can be a lot, looking at colleges can be just as stressful. Figuring out college size, cost, location, and programs are all very important when searching for schools, but college visits are a fun glimpse into college life.


This being said, many juniors are given the opportunity to look at different college campuses and what each has to offer. Being able to explore the campus and almost feel like a student at the college can really help give students a real idea of the college and what is to come in the future.  


Sam Schroeder (11) visits Yale with her family. (Sam Schroeder)

Sam Schroeder (11) was able to visit many colleges this fall on the East Coast with her family. Her twin sister, Lauren, was there all along looking at the colleges together.


“I really enjoyed my trip to all the colleges. It got me excited for my future and college! I’m excited to go on more in the future, hopefully when there aren’t as many COVID restrictions,” Schroeder said. 


So, whether you are already booking your next college visit, or are just beginning to take standardized tests, remember that next year you are finally moving up. Get excited for all the joy that senior year has to offer, and savor these high school memories while they last!