Quarter Three Recap

Students share their thoughts on this past quarter and what they are looking forward to next quarter


Talia Schiltz

Eleanor Meek getting her final assignments of the quarter done.

Talia Schiltz, Staff Writer

As quarter three is finally wrapping up, students gave their opinions and shared how things went for them this quarter. After a long, stressful quarter and spring break around the corner, students are eager to wrap up. 


“This quarter went well for me, my grades were pretty good, but it was a pretty stressful quarter… I’m just looking forward to something different and the new classes I’m taking next quarter,” Davis Scheck (10) said. 


As this quarter was stressful for some, other students were happy with how this quarter went. Tommy Hancock (11) was grateful to get the chance to be back in school learning this semester. 


“This quarter for me was very unique. At times, it was difficult and we had to be very flexible, which was a challenge at times. However, I was able to get a lot out of my classes, and I’m grateful for the opportunity we have had to learn,” Hancock said. 


Students’ motivation levels this year have been low because of online school and virtual learning. This quarter was a change for students, as we were back to all in-person classes, but for some, motivation was still an issue. Forest Kuestner-Burleson (12) liked to stay motivated by being productive and keeping busy. 


“Track season is really keeping me motivated to get through this last week and honestly the rest of the school year. It’s my favorite time of year, because I’m always really happy and it gives me something to get excited about and focus on. I’m much happier when I’m being productive and track keeps me busy,” Kuestner-Burleson said. 


The fourth and final quarter is around the corner at Dowling Catholic. The administration has decided to go back to a different schedule, therefore, this will be the end of the quarter era. Most students are looking forward to a change in classes next quarter and being around new people. 


“Next quarter I am looking forward to new classes with friends that I haven’t seen in class for a while. I’m also looking forward to finishing classes and starting some new ones,” Hancock said. 


For other students, like Kuestner-Burleson, the only thing on their mind is a change in weather. As the temperatures hit pretty low negatives this winter, it is only right to look forward to the sunny spring weather. 


“Next quarter I am looking forward to the warm weather. Seasonal depression is over and the sun is out, so there’s nothing to be upset about anymore. I swear I always wake up in a better mood when the sun is shining and it’s 40 plus degrees outside,” Burleson said.