Prayerful Passing Periods

Dowling seniors show the power of prayer to fellow classmates and students.


Sarah Wicker

Stanfel praying upon senior, Ellie Coleman in the Dowling Narthex

Sarah Wicker, Staff Writer/ Funny Person

As the days go by at Dowling, we are all faced with our own struggles and get caught up in it all. Some of us can lose our faith and forget to put Jesus in our lives to help heal us. Seniors Josh Stanfel, Michael Wunn, and Parker Jameson are sharing their gifts of faith by praying upon the students and staff who attend Dowling Catholic. 


The prayer revolution at Dowling started in the beginning of February after these seniors came back from the Focus Seek conference held right here at our school.


Over the years, I have had the opportunity to pray over many people, but my personal journey with praying over people began last month when a speaker named Graeson gave a healing talk at the Focus Seek conference,” Jameson said. 


The guys were inspired to share their new gift of healing with everyone, including those who go to Dowling. The boys gave a talk about this healing prayer at their own Wednesday night faith group, 18” to evangelize the gift with others.


“Our goal being to spread faith and continue to ignite the flame that is already going around Dowling,” Jameson said.


The thought process while praying upon someone can be a little scary at first, especially if you don’t know the person receiving the prayer that well. The process of praying upon someone can range from something minor to major. Stanfel (12) explained what he’s thinking about when praying on someone confidently. 


Stanfel (12) praying upon Ellie Coleman (12) in the Dowling Narthex (Sarah Wicker)

“My thought process when praying is to just ask the Holy Spirit to heal this person with whatever things they are going through and that God may shine upon his son/daughter during this time,” Stanfel said. 


Now that we are a month into the prayer uprising, the boys mentioned the amount of people they have felt called to pray on so far. 


“I’ve prayed over one person, and I’m waiting for God to call more people to me,” Wunn said.


“I have only prayed over a handful of people, and it’s important to note that praying over people is a calling, it’s not about going up to random people and asking to pray over them,” Jameson said. 


“I don’t know the exact number of how many people I’ve prayed over, but my best guess would be a little bit over 50 people,” Stanfel said.


The feedback has been a mix of emotions, for sure, but it is all a part of the healing process. 


A lot of times there may not be healing on the physical level, although it is very possible, and I’ve seen it. Most of the time, the healing happens in ways we don’t expect. The healing most commonly happens on an emotional and spiritual level,” Jameson said.


These seniors want to get to know you and ask for healing in whatever aspect of your life! Bring a friend with you if you feel called to be prayed upon, and they can join in on the prayer. 


If you are interested in joining the 18” prayer group, it’s open to all Dowling students. They meet in the R&R Building across the street from St. Francis Church at 8pm every Wednesday. Come tag along with the power of the Holy Spirit!