Spring Break Excitement

With Covid-19, some students are going to not be able to plan out their breaks normally.


Patrick Feltz

Excitement increases as the coveted spring break comes closer and closer

Patrick Feltz, Staff Writer

Spring is blooming at DCHS, and many students can’t wait for what is going to happen for their break. Many students are planning to enjoy the great outdoors in Iowa with the weather.


“I am excited for no school, and to not be stressed out from all the assignments. I am watching March Madness as well. I love spring as it is my favorite season as well since it is not too hot or too cold,” Michael Marziano (11) said.


One thing students are stressed about before spring break, however, are the upcoming finals for next week at Dowling.


“My finals this quarter before our break will be different from the ones before Christmas because all my classes are scattered around the quarter, like having four of my hardest classes in one quarter,” Marziano said.


Fortunately, the cold weather seems to be going away with Spring approaching. Michael Marziano and his friends are planning to take advantage of the sun by going outside and such.


“With the nice weather, I will probably walk my dog more and go hike with my friends and maybe go swimming, but who knows,” Marziano said.


Unfortunately, though, the pandemic has brought some circumstances out of his control when planning normally for a fulfilling spring break.


“I won’t be able to travel like I normally do. Typically we would go to Chicago, but now there are heavy restrictions, which makes it a lot more unstable and difficult to venture to those places,” Marziano said.


Once spring break is over, students are hoping the cases will go down due to teachers and adults getting vaccinated.


“I think Covid will slow down as people and teachers get more vaccinated. As long as we are safe and cautious, we should see a steady decline to hopefully see a more normal environment with school next year,” Marziano said.