The Big Decision

Students make the decision to go back in-person.


Molly Dryer

Deciding between in person or online can be stressful.

Molly Dryer, Staff Writer

As the fourth quarter of the school year comes around, many students have to make a hard decision, either virtual or in-person learning. Most of the Dowling Catholic student body chose at the beginning of the third quarter to go completely in-person when hybrid was taken away as an option.


So, what makes this decision of going in-person so big? Many students who are completely online have become accustomed to the way of virtual learning. Whether it is sleeping in a little extra, getting to eat lunch at home, or even wearing pajamas, it’s a lot to let go of.


Although these perks are great additions to the school day, many students miss being around friends, being in the classroom, or even being within the Dowling halls themselves. 


Many students have chosen to go back because of what they missed out on during this last quarter. The Dowling halls are going to be almost completely full in the fourth quarter, with close to all of the student body back in person.


Considering the unexpected nature of the last twelve months, returning to school may be a way of providing normalcy. Samara Tumea (11) chose to go back during the fourth quarter for many different reasons.


“I missed my friends most of all, and I’m also going back because I feel like things are finally kind of going back to normal. I know it’s going to be hard because I’m going to miss the pros that come with doing online school, but I know it will be better for me,” Tumea said. 


Following spring break, students who have chosen to go back will finally be back in the halls. Whether you are a senior and don’t want to miss your last chances, or are just a student missing the halls, it will be an old way of school for many, but all new again.