Join the (PSCS) Club

All the details about Dowling’s PSCS club, combining elements of art and faith in our school community.


Logan Flori

All students are welcome at PSCS weekly meetings.

Logan Flori, Staff Writer

Prayer, Study, Create, Serve. These four words abbreviated create ‘PCSC,’ the name of a recently formed DCHS club. 


Club Moderator and Dowling Art Teacher Mrs. Cooper explained the role of each word of the club’s name—prayer, study, create, serve—and elaborated on how they work together.


  1. Prayer: Meetings begin with prayer requests and group prayer.
  2. Study: Currently, students are working through the book of John as a group. Discussions are partnered with videos and note taking to truly dissect God’s word.
  3. Create: The club joins together to create things for the community, such as bookmarks with scripture.
  4. Serve: Members take creations and give back to others. For example, bookmarks were delivered during a visit to a nursing home which included socializing and games. 


These four elements form one common goal for PSCS members: spreading joy to those in the community. 


“We spend time together as a club supporting one another and then we go out to the community,” Mrs. Cooper said. 


Mrs. Cooper explained that PSCS started out as a strictly photography club a few years ago, but interest seemed to fade as students got busy throughout the year. After polling some students on their thoughts, Mrs. Cooper dreamt up PSCS. 


“We still create, like we did in Photo Club, but this allows a wider audience to come, students with all kinds of art skills, or none at all,” Mrs. Cooper said. 


Weekly morning meetings focus on prayer and study, while afternoon meetups shift towards a creation and serve concentration. This way, students have the option for participation in solely the prayer aspect of the club, or adding in an art element. 


How to get Involved in PSCS Club

PSCS meets at 7:30 on Friday mornings in room 902, followed by Prime Time that same day. Just let Mrs. Cooper know who your Prime Time teacher is, and she will send an email as a pass. 


Stop by the art department or send a quick email to Mrs. Cooper if you are interested in spending some time with God, friends, and art. PSCS club wants you!