Dowling’s Favorite Barista

Learn more about Senior Ellie Coleman and her job as a barista.


Ellie Coleman

Coleman and her fellow co-workers during a shift at Java Joe’s Coffee House.

Sofia Manzano, Staff Writer

Craving Coffee? Senior Ellie Coleman knows all about coffee and being a barista. A part-time barista, Coleman works at Java Joe’s Coffee House and enjoys being her community’s go-to coffee specialist. 


Coleman has been working for Java Joe’s Coffee House for almost two years and has gained excellent customer service skills due to the nature of her job.


Working at Java Joe’s has definitely allowed me to learn how to work with people,” Coleman said. “Some customers are crazy, and I learned to gain patience quickly.” 


As a barista, there’s more than just making coffee. Coleman’s position also requires her to have multiple job responsibilities.


On the weeknights, I’m in charge of closing the store, and most weekends I’m the cook in the kitchen,” Coleman said.


Coleman knows all too well about having to learn time management, especially in the month of March.


“I’m not the best at managing my time, but I do try my best to,” Coleman said. “March is the busiest time of the year for me, so I have to be clear to my bosses that I will need to cut back on hours for the foreseeable future.”


Having worked at Java Joe’s Coffee House for a while, Coleman has made more than a few favorite memories.


“I will never forget the time when my co-workers and I stayed after closing on New Year’s Eve to have a Secret Santa and eat ice cream,” Coleman said. “It was super fun.” 


That said, Coleman’s favorite part about working as a Java Joe’s barista is her co-workers. 


“I love that I get to work with some of my best friends,” Coleman said. “I met them all there in the last couple of years.”

Coleman and her co-workers posing for a photo during work. (Photo Courtesy of Ellie Coleman)


Coleman also enjoys how laid back her work environment is. Compared to other places, Java Joe’s fosters a mellow environment.


“The work environment at Java Joe’s is really low-key,” Coleman said. “We only have about six employees, so it’s easy to get to know and trust everyone.”


Making coffee is Coleman’s passion, and she plans to continue being a barista in the future.


“I would love to continue this line of work, for sure,” Coleman said. ” I think it’s a great job for me as I love talking to strangers and love coffee.”