True Crime Hype

See why Dowling students enjoy true crime TV so much


Natalia Scales

What’s all the hype about true crime shows on Netflix?

Natalia Scales, Staff Writer

When scrolling through Netflix’s top shows and movies, the crime genre has taken over and become very popular. This genre has been well-liked throughout the years, but recently, documentaries, podcasts, and books about true crime have spiked up to many people’s attention. 


New shows on crime are always on the top ten in Netflix most watched shows. These shows tell the facts about criminal cases and maintain great entertainment at the same time. Many documentaries are attention grabbers to many giving historical information many become curious and want to learn more about. These true event crime documentaries can become addicting, getting you stuck on your couch binge watching the whole season just to see what happens next. A huge part of crime shows that also are attention grabbers are the ending to the shows. Most episodes end with cliffhangers, making you want to know what is next.  


“I don’t like how many shows end on cliffhangers, but I am always down to watch a good crime show. I am currently watching ‘Criminal Minds’ right now on Netflix, and it is really good,” Reed Beecher (12) said.


Many like this genre for many reasons and here are a few.


One, because people like to put themselves in the situation and figure out what happened like a puzzle. This genre can get your mind moving and then make you start to become fascinated with the behavior and twist that come with these stories.


Second, is the adrenaline rush you feel when you watch a show like “Criminal Minds” and what is to come next in the show, getting that rush like on a roller coaster some may feel that way watching certain crime shows. You can easily converse over these types of topics and think together what you thought about while watching.


Lastly, there are studies out there that prove some people when watching crime tend to focus on threats to their own lives and well-being. As crazy as it sounds, studies have also shown that most females become fascinated with true crime because they believe they are getting tips about how to increase their chances of surviving if left in a dangerous situation. 


“Crime genre is my favorite genre to watch on Netflix, and there are so many shows that they have to offer. My friends and I love watching different types of documentaries together and then talking about them after,”  Lily Alessio (10) said.


A top Netflix crime show that has gotten the most views in 2021 and was ranked top ten is called “The Sinner.” This is about a detective who solves mind boggling murders taking place that will really get you thinking. This detective takes the mind of an ordinary person and figures out why they would commit such a brutal crime. The ending of each episode leaves you thinking and draws you in to watch the next episode. There are three different seasons, and each season is about a new crime that takes place. This show is a must-watch on Netflix if you are looking for something to watch in the crime genre. 


“I am a huge fan of ‘The Sinner’ I binged watched a whole season in two days and it had my mind racing and new twists that made me want to watch more,”  Mya Taiber (9)