Smidt or Superman?

He’s an artist, he’s an author, he’s an athlete: he’s Dylan Smidt!



Dylan Smidt (12) modeling his clothing brand, Radical Love, now available for purchasing.

Caroline Schultz, Staff Writer

All Superman references and alliteration antics aside, Dylan Smidt (12) is truly one of kind. Smidt has self-published his own children’s novel, created his own clothing brand, and been an asset to the Dowling Boys’ Basketball team, all while navigating the often hectic years of high school. The best part? Smidt uses his passion for graphic design and entrepreneurship to fashion products that promote a modern, Catholic evangelization. 


Last Friday was a monumental moment for Smidt’s clothing brand, Radical Love. Smidt released his first-ever collection, which consisted of stylish hoodies and crewnecks. I snagged him to chat as he was delivering some brand new merch to our very own Father Acrea, and I was able to see some of the collection myself.

Introducing Radical Love’s first collection, inspired by St. Augustine. (@borgology)


“The theme [of the collection] is conversion. A lot of it is about St. Augustine. I kind of came back to the Catholic faith. During quarantine, I didn’t know if I was going to keep coming back to mass after [quarantine]. And then, I kind of had a conversion, and St. Augustine was really inspiring me at that time,” Smidt said.


Radical Love accidentally got its’ start in September of 2019 when people started to take interest in Smidt’s personal custom-made shirt. 


“The first thing I made was just a random shirt that I came up with. I never planned on making a brand but a lot of people loved [the shirt], and they kept coming up to me and asking me where they could get one. I decided to start a brand. I thought there was something there,” Smidt said.  


Although Smidt says the brand name Radical Love “just came to him,” it has a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. 


“Radical love is unconditional love, unmotivated by the possibility of reciprocation of reward. Radical love is a loved fueled by humanity, compassion, and understand,” Smidt said.


Want to twin with Father Acrea? He ordered the White Augustine crewneck! (@borgology)


Along with evangelization, sustainability is also an important part of the Radical Love clothing brand. 


“There’s a company that prints my stuff in California. That’s why I’ll be able to keep it up for a long time, because when somebody orders, they make it, and then they ship it right away. I did a little bit of research and found them, and it’s been great,” Smidt said. 


Smidt’s mission doesn’t stop with religious, fashionable street-wear. In December of 2020, Smidt wrote, illustrated, and published a children’s book called “God’s Little Kiddo,” focusing on God’s love for all of us.


The front cover for Schmidt’s children’s book “God’s Little Kiddo.” (Dylan Smidt)


“It was made in Mr. Patten’s class, actually. We had finished the classwork…I think we watched a movie that day or something. I was just sketching in my notebook, listening to music, and [the book idea] was down in like ten minutes in a notebook. I showed it to my graphic design teacher. I was able to make my own curriculum and [the idea] kind of came at a time when I needed to pick projects. At the time I was picking projects, I showed her the notebook, I flipped through the pages, and I showed her a picture of the shirt that I made, and so the idea she gave me was to start a clothing line and finish the book,” Smidt said.


Although the book is “curated for children,” it is “fit for all ages.” “God’s Little Kiddo” is published on Amazon and also resides in the Dowling Catholic Library.


“God’s Little Kiddo,” showcased in the Dowling Catholic library. (Dylan Smidt).


“The hardest part was getting a final copy I liked. It was a little bit of process, but it was worth it,” Smidt said. 


As if Schmidt wasn’t busy enough, he also spends a lot of time on the basketball court. Smidt is a member of the Varsity Boys Basketball team and is excited to head to Wells Fargo this Wednesday to compete in the state tournament. Contrary to what one might think, the busyness of basketball season actually helps Smidt in streamlining all of his different passions. 


“I think [basketball season] makes [juggling projects] easier for me because before, I would just be playing basketball and thinking about [projects] or I’d be doing [projects] and thinking about basketball, so doing it all actually gives me more energy,” Smidt said. 


As basketball season comes to a close as well as senior year, Smidt shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to his entrepreneurial pursuits. 


“I definitely plan on continuing [the brand] in college. I will be pursuing a psychology degree and working to become a psychotherapist. I don’t really view the brand as a hobby though. I will still be growing it and doing it for work,” Smidt said. 


Regardless of what Smidt sets his mind to, one thing is certain. His artistic ability, mature business mindset, and passion for evangelization know no limit. Like Superman, Dylan Smidt can do it all.


The unique tag inside of Radical Love’s newest collection. (@borgology)

Interested in buying from Radical Love? Check out Smidt’s website and socials.


Socials: Personal Instagram[email protected], Brand Instagram[email protected] 

Interested in reading “God’s Little Kiddo?” Visit, Amazon, or the Dowling Library. 

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