The Post Pod Debut

The Post’s first-ever podcast is being released! Many topics and guests are featured; all related to Dowling Catholic.


Janie McAllister

The Post Pod

Michael Marziano and Janie McAllister

Coming up soon, an exciting release from the Dowling Catholic Post: a podcast hosted by Michael Marziano and Janie McAllister. This podcast will feature guests who highlight the different aspects of life at Dowling Catholic.


Michael Marziano is a senior at DCHS who is part of the Dowling Catholic Post. This is his second year being part of the Newspaper, writing for the Post in the 2019-2020 school year. He moved to America from Australia when he was 7. He absolutely loves vegemite on toast, which inspired a segment on our Podcast. He has been in the band for four years, and in the Pickleball club since its inception.


“I love pickles, and I love sports,” Marziano said.

Marziano and McAllister working on the podcast.
Marziano and McAllister working on the podcast. (Janie McCallister)

Janie McAllister is also a senior at DCHS and a proud member of the Dowling Catholic Post. This is her first year writing for the Newspaper, and she is excited to write about the school’s most involved students. She’s been living in her home state of Iowa since the beginning of time and loves Starbucks coffee. She is also part of One Dowling Family, Feminist Club, Harry Potter Club, and theater.


“Starbucks can never get my name right,” McAllister said.


The first episode of Post Pod is set to release by October 1 and will feature Mary-Lynn Kumedjro and her role in CORE. Stay tuned on the Post’s website for more!