The Dynamic Duo

Identical twins Colleen Cain and Kate Cain take the field as drum majors, ready to lead the band.


Reagan Hendricks

Colleen Cain (left) and Kate Cain (right) pose before leading the band during their first competition of the season. They had a great performance and were excited to finally kick off the marching season.

Reagan Hendricks, Staff Writer

Colleen Cain and Kate Cain are seniors in the band who were chosen to lead the band as drum majors. The audition process for drum majors took place last year in preparation for the current marching band season. Auditioning included conducting a show segment that wasn’t well-known at the time. They also instructed a marching audition where they taught others auditioning how to march correctly in order to show their leadership abilities. Along with those two auditions, they wrote a paper and were interviewed by the band directors about both themselves and the future of the band.


“If we do bad, the band does bad. How we do reflects how the band is going to do,” Kate said.


By assuming their roles as drum majors, they also took on the task of becoming the faces of the entire band. They are no longer a single horn player in the middle of the entire band on the field, they are the leaders in front of the marching band. There are many different roles they have within the band, some more visible than others. The most visible role they have is conducting, aka timekeeping, for the band. They lead the band through their show while giving them cues for musical dynamics and step-offs.


Other roles they have are more “behind the scenes” roles that wouldn’t come to mind when thinking about a drum major’s typical role. Colleen and Kate both help in planning and dealing with issues that arise within the band. They also help with organizing and setting up the equipment before rehearsals and competitions. All of their responsibilities are ultimately for the betterment of the band.


“I can see and hear what the marching band looks like as a whole instead of just one, singular person,” Colleen said.


Being the head of the band, they are able to see the bigger picture of what is taking place on the field. Colleen and Kate have the opportunity to listen to and watch the band as a whole, outside of the form on the field. Kate revealed how it is cool being able to hear all of the parts of the band working together and not just her section. They have a hand in how everyone in the band does, making them responsible for every other person in the band, not just themselves. They are also responsible for learning and knowing around twelve different parts, instead of just their own, in order to be able to assist the band accurately. This has put a lot of pressure on them, but it is just as rewarding in the end.


“Being able to have closer to a normal season again is really exciting,” Kate said.


Both Kate and Colleen are excited to be leading the band during this year when things are returning to normal. They are looking forward to getting back to competing and performing in front of bigger audiences and against other bands. Competitions and the thrills of performing were lost to COVID-19 but have returned this year. This past Saturday, the marching band performed in their first competition of the season. While this wasn’t a competition against other bands, they received feedback and learned how to improve as an entire band.


Going forward in the season, the band plans on continuing to clean their show and improve in all the ways they can, paying attention to the little things as well as the big. Colleen and Kate are both excited to see what is to come as the season progresses.