Overall Outrage

A look into some Senior’s fun and unique Overall designs and advice for the underclassmen who get to do their own.


Mary Kate Melcher

Seniors Mary Kate Melcher and Maggie Carlson showing off their overalls

Eleanor Meek, Staff Writer

Each year, the senior girls pull out all the stops and spend the last few weeks of summer doing one thing: overalls. A tradition at dowling for over ten years, each girl shows up in the student section sporting their freshly painted overalls to the first game of the season. Each year the designs get more intricate, take more time, but they also show one’s personality more and more.


One student, Mary Kate Melcher (12) decided to accent her swim career and favorite catchphrase on her overalls.


Senior Mary Kate Melcher with her signature catchphrase “Ka-chow” proudly worn on the back of her overals. (Mary Kate Melcher)

“My favorite part is the ‘Ka-Chow’ on the back with the flames, just a little touch of my personality,” Melcher said .


While some people struggle to find something unique to add to their overalls, Melcher had no problem finding her inspiration.


“[it’s a] Throwback to sophomore year when I used to say that a lot, a little too much. I also have a lighting McQueen hooded towel for swim, so that was a little inspiration, it’s just a funny joke,” Melcher said.


After last year’s lack of football games, therefore, lack of overalls, the seniors this year were left a little clueless. Melcher had some advice, though, for those underclassmen who will get to do their overalls.


“Get inspo pics because I tried to find pictures from other seniors, and I could find nothing, so if you see posts or something you like, take pictures!” Melcher said.


Another example of originality is seen in student Chloe Kasch’s (12) overalls. Hers feature a solar system on the back left leg. Her reasoning though isn’t about sports or catchphrases.


Senior Chloe Kash’s overalls featuring her Saturn and rocket ship. (Chloe Kasch)

“One of my legs has a Saturn and a rocket ship on it, and I really like space and I draw Saturns when I get nervous and I was a really nervous in that moment, so it was a really big stress reliever for me,” Kasch said.


One of the hardest parts for Kasch was the execution of the ideas she actually had. Actually making the idea come to life exactly how she wanted sometimes didn’t happen.


“Yeah, honestly, the splatter paint on the back of my leg wasn’t exactly how I was picturing it to go. It didn’t really work out too well, but that’s okay because it still looks cool,” Kasch said.


Kasch had one main goal she wanted to make sure the underclassmen knew: time.


“Make sure you give yourself a lot of time, don’t buy oil paint, and if you do buy oil paint, give yourself even more time,” Kasch said.


Senior Sarah Forey’s overalls featuring the names of her friends spelled wrong purposefully. (Sarah Forey)

One student turned an accident on her overalls into one of the most memorable designs. Sarah Forey (12) has a whole leg of her overalls dedicated to the names of her friends, but they look a little different.


“My favorite part about my overalls is the back leg that I have everyone sign and spell their names wrong on,” Forey said.


Forey took a fun approach to adding a twist to her overalls, but it actually started as an accident.


“I spelled something wrong on the back of my pants, so I figured I’d stick with the theme and have everyone sign it and spell their name wrong so I didn’t look as silly,” Forey said.


Senior Tora Peterson’s overalls with the anthem of the Dowling student section, Sanctuary, written on the back of her overalls. (Tora Peterson)

Another student, Tora Peterson (12), also has writing on the back of her overalls, but hers was a bit more intentional. Peterson’s overalls feature the song “Sanctuary” about thirty times on the back leg of her overalls.


“I was kinda sitting there with my friends and trying to think of a cute design for the back, and I was like ‘What’s something important to Dowling that I could do?’ and I started to think I could write the Hail Mary over and over again, and then sanctuary just came to me. My friends were really supportive of it, so I was like I guess I’ll do it,”  Peterson said.


Although you would think writing the song that many times would take forever, it only took Peterson an hour and a half and only a few hours to finish all her designs on her overalls. The same can’t be said for student Lauren Schroeder (12), though. 


“Honestly I did my overalls over the course of two weeks, but it took me around fifteen hours, like a really long time,” Schroeder said.


Instead finding inspiration pictures, Schroeder took a different approach to coming up with designs for her overalls


Senior Lauren Schroeder’s overalls that have fun bandana accents (Lauren Schroeder )

“I saw peoples overalls that I didn’t like and I knew I didn’t want to do that, so then I knew I was going to do something different, and I took notes on what not to do,”  Schroeder said.


Overall, though, the message from Schroeder was to have fun and enjoy doing it with your friends.


“Don’t stress about it, like it doesn’t matter,” Schroeder said. “I think everyone’s look good, like I think they’re super subjective to the person and just have fun.”