Freshman Year Repeated

Sophomores come back to DCHS with what seems to be a completely different year


Sophie Porter

Hudson Porter (10) walks into a day of in person school, his first year back to normal

Mara Jones and Emily Allen

In light of changes due to COVID-19, the Class of ’24 had anything but a conventional freshman year. The sophomores returned this year with big changes that they didn’t encounter their freshman year. 


“I remember waking up in the morning and knowing I would be on hybrid and I wasn’t getting everything I needed to get done,” Averi Langin (10) said.


Students were faced with many new challenges this year, new schedules, new opportunities, and new faces. With this, lots of students had to make some adjustments with making friends and their studies. 


“There are a lot more social aspects this year, and school is a lot easier with online. I was not doing well online, but being in-person is easier,” Sophie Alba (10) said. 


The Class of ’24 ‘s freshman year brought a hard time making new friends and putting themselves out there. With the differences between hybrid schedules and the occasional all online, they had a tough time meeting everyone in their grade. 


“I don’t think masks made it hard to make friends. I think [because of] hybrid [I] didn’t know everybody,” Hudson Porter  (10) said. 


Coming from the small parochial league schools, Dowling is always a tough transition, especially when you can’t really see the people around you.  Not to mention how spaced out everyone was. It made it tricky for the kids to interact with each other. 


“I wasn’t around a lot of my friends, and it was hard to see people,” Kyle Rakers (10) said.


This year there are many new opportunities such as clubs and activities that weren’t available last year. With all of the new and exciting things that these students of DCHS will get to experience as sophomores, they are going into the new year with a positive mindset and ready to be more involved. 


 “Now we can see and interact more [with each other],” Rakers said.