Now or Never

Will Ryan and his teammates are ready for what appears to possibly be the Maroons best season yet


Steve Schweizer

Will Ryan (12) starts his race off strong amongst a multitude of competitors.

Flynn Milligan, Staff Writer

Will Ryan (12) has always been a star athlete. Whether it be on the basketball court or the cross country course, he is known for being a hard worker and striving under pressure. All these assets have proven to play a pivotal role in Ryan’s successful career so far. As the cross country season has started and Ryan has a few races under his belt, he is starting to feel the pressure of being a leader on one of the best teams in the state in addition to being one of the top ranked individual runners. 


“I feel a lot of pressure internally to make sure I do my job so our team can win, and I try not to think about what other people have to say about me and our team because it really doesn’t affect us at all,” Ryan said.

Will Ryan (12) flashes a smile as he comes down the home stretch (Steve Schweizer)

All eyes are certainly on the Dowling Catholic boys team as they gear up for a long season ahead. Most cross country fans can’t open a social media app without hearing something about the elite varsity team. 


Ryan isn’t just a successful runner on the course. He also plays a large role as a leader on the team. He is currently a senior and a team captain. The responsibilities that come with this role aren’t easy, but Ryan is always up for a challenge. 


“I look forward to making an impact on my younger teammates and hopefully setting an example for them and ‘leaving my fingerprints’ on the team,” Ryan said.


Dowling Catholic isn’t the only feared team roaming the courses around Iowa. The Sioux City North boys team has sparked up a fierce rivalry ever since defeating the Maroons at the state meet last year, consequently ruining the boys’ chances at a three peat. While the defeat saddened all team members, the rivalry still has a friendly side to it.


It is definitely fun every time we get to race Sioux City North because we know we will see them at the end of the year, so it is a good measuring stick. They are really nice dudes, so I definitely don’t have too much animosity towards them,” Ryan said.


As Ryan continues to put in the work day in and day out, he strives for many individual and team goals. All eyes lay on Will Ryan and the boys team as they attempt to make school and state history.