Meet Miklo

Mr. Miklo is new to these halls and there’s much to learn about him


Sophie Porter

Peter Miklo walks down the cafeteria to supervise and connect with students.

Sophie Porter, Staff Writer

This new school year opened with the introduction of Dowling’s very own Vice Principal of Student Life, Mr. Tyler Miklo. During orientation, Miklo presented a short slideshow about his family, but the student body still does not really know the man behind the suit.


Students watch Miklo stroll through the halls during each school day, but some may wonder exactly what he job entails. As the Vice Principal of Student life, Miklo takes on a variety of responsibilities around campus.


“My job is to work with students and staff with everything that isn’t directly tied to the classroom, so faith formation, campus ministry, activities and clubs, working with some discipline things as well,” Miklo said.


Miklo is essentially a jack of many trades. With all of the different responsibilities and roles he took on, it is no surprise that a couple of surprises have popped up along the way. 


“You always envision what a job is going to be like, and then the first week of school I spent most of the time helping people open up their lockers. It’s not the kind of stuff that i anticipated,” Miklo said.


Though he had been caught off guard, Miklo isn’t a newbie to administration. The Fort Dodge St. Edmond alumni and Iowa Hawkeye enthusiast worked at Johnston prior to his arrival at Dowling Catholic.


“They’re different and similar. The difference is just [that] some of the structure and things that Dowling has is unique compared to what the public school offers, but i would say both schools have great people, both schools have great students,” Miklo said.


Now that his career at Johnston has come to a close, Miklo has began looking ahead to what he wants to accomplish this school year.


“My hope [for this year] is really just to try to find ways to engage more students in the building,” Miklo said. “Right, if we can find more ways that students can connect and feel supported in our building, the more they want to be here.”