Swimming in Magnets

Swimmer Becca Celsi (12) takes on the role of designing the girls swim team’s locker magnets.

Reagan Hendricks, Staff Writer

Senior Becca Celsi has been swimming and creating art for most of her life. This year, she got the opportunity to combine both of these activities.


Becca Celsi poses next to her personal collection of swim magnets. (Reagan Hendricks)

All of the seniors on the Dowling Catholic Girls Swim and Dive Team each have individual roles doing something, like making posters and magnets, throughout the season. These roles help show their leadership on the team and, for some, help with future plans. Celsi was offered the role of designing and drawing locker magnets for the girls swim team after she was the only person to express interest in helping with a more artistic task. Celsi has been creating these magnets for the entirety of the season, designing them based on who the team was competing against each meet.


“I use the reference [photo] to draw the [animal] proportionately,” Celsi said.


After finding a reference photo, Celsi creates the design in an app called Procreate. She uses the refrence to first draw the animal or item for the meet, then begins to add color. Celsi first fills it in with a medium color, then a shade color, and finally a light color to top it all off.


“It forces me to get out of my comfort zone and draw something that I normally wouldn’t draw,” Celsi said.


Celsi was grateful to be given this opportunity because it helped her advance as an artist in ways she didn’t expect. The creation of the magnets take her around an hour or hour and a half per magnet, so it’s not a huge time commitment outside of school, swimming itself, and other activities. Designing the magnets has helped her practice drawing the anatomy of random animals. Her favorite magnet she was able to design was her Johnston Dragon magnet. Drawing the girls swim teams magnets for this past season was a way for her to practice for her future while having fun.


“[I’m planning on] hopefully getting a job at Pixar,” Celsi said.


She is hoping to go to the Savannah College of Art and Design, also known as SCAD, after graduating from Dowling. She would major in animation to help progress towards her goal of working at Pixar. For now, Celsi is enjoying developing her art in smaller ways, like drawing magnets.