Snapshot into a Photography Class

Take a look into a Dowling Film Photography class and learn more about the students’ work and progress.


Chloe Kasch

Out of the plethora of photography classes available at Dowling, learn what film photography is all about.

Chloe Kasch, Staff Writer

In-room 902, Mrs. Cooper teaches Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Film Photography, and the advanced versions of each of these courses. While also being a teacher, she is an author of a book about people’s personal relationships in their faith. 


“I started writing a book six years ago, and it became published at the end of March. It’s called Kindred Faith,” Cooper said.


Each student has a different experience and goal in photography classes. Some may have wanted to try a new hobby, or others might just have taken the class because, why not? Either way, the class works together to help each other achieve their goals in photography. 


“I’ve been surprised by how fun it actually is, and how people come together for it to help you,” Cesar Flores (11) said. 

Addie Lipovac (11) photographed a sign in Valley Junction.


Through photography, the students have been able to surprise themselves with what they are capable of doing. Learning how to capture a moment, going through the process of developing, testing different lighting while printing the picture, then finally being able to see the final product mounted is an accomplishing feeling for all. 


“I am shocked by what I am capable of, like I never thought I would be able to do this on my own,” Nataly Verduzco-Mendoza (11) said.


Every couple of weeks, the class will get an assignment where they will receive a theme for them to go out to take photos for. Every student interprets the themes differently and takes a different approach to capture them. Being able to have that freedom with it makes it a better way to show their personalities through their pictures. 


Photo taken by Nataly Verduzco-Mendoza (11) of a family gathering together.

“I just got done with my framing assignment. I took a picture of a stone in a flower box in my backyard, and it turned out pretty cool,” Addie Lipovac (11) said. 


As the semester progresses and more pictures are being printed, more goals are also being made. Some want to take better pictures or are just excited about upcoming themes and assignments. Either way, each individual is starting to test their skills and set bigger goals for future assignments. 


“I want to get better at taking pictures and using different apertures and lenses,” Patricio Garcia (12) said. 


Learning through trial and error with printing, coming up with ideas for themes, and understanding the full process that comes with film photography. It’s a different creative outlook for people to express themselves through. 


“The students are what keeps me coming back, meeting one and one with them. I love that,” Cooper said.