New Additions

Learn about the newest clubs at Dowling Catholic and how to get involved


Emily Allen

Senior club leaders Lauren Schroeder and Lorelei Auen-Ryan smile for the camera at lunch

Emily Allen , Staff Writer

The upcoming year has presented many new opportunities for the Dowling Catholic community to get involved. Clubs have always been very beneficial for Dowling students to make new friends and become a part of the student body. Student leadership can be shown and appreciated when they take over or start a new club 


This 2021-2022 school year, four clubs have been created with the addition of 2 old ones starting back up. These clubs include the Roller Skating Club, Pre Law Club, Harry Potter Club, Habitat for Humanity, and Photo Club. Each club has its own unique feel and activities. There is an activity for everyone at Dowling. 


Book Club is one of the several clubs new to Dowling this year. Senior Lauren Schroeder started this club with the hopes she could share her love for literature and use her leadership skills to create a good environment for all book lovers 


“We get into groups based on what book you want to read, and we recommend books for each other and talk about the books we are reading,” Schroeder said. 


Photo Club is also on the rise at Dowling. Senior Chloe Kasch took over and restarted the club this year. 


“I’m really excited to show people how to take photos on their phones and edit them,” Kasch said. 


Harry Potter fever spreaded through Dowling with the creation of the Harry Potter club being led by the iconic Colleen and Kate Cain. 


“It’s a fun relaxer after a long day of school you get to talk about books and stuff you care about,” Cain said.   


The Roller Skating Slub has ‘skated’ it’s way into the hearts of the Dowling community. 


“One thing I do really like is it’s a cross class club… people from all grades can meet and build those relationships so when the others graduate we can still have this group of friends.” Mrs. Degen, Roller Skating Club moderator, said. 


Lastly, Pre Law Club was created this year by ambitious Senior Lorelei Auen-Ryan who has her sights set on a future in the law world. 


“We just went to Drake recently, and it was really interesting because we got to speak to a third year law student, and it really opened our minds to all the careers that are out there,” Auen-Ryan said. 


These are a couple of many different ways the Dowling student body can get involved and build up a community environment at school. If there isn’t already a club that interests you, there is always the opportunity to create your own and make new friendships with people who might not have thought you would ever meet.