Continuing Through the Concussions

Read about how Dowling competition cheer team has persevered through all of this seasons challenges.


Eva Lynner

The Dowling Catholic Cheer Team at practice, celebrating Katherine Comito’s (12) birthday.

Molly Dryer, Staff Writer

As many girls choose to cheer on the sidelines at different sporting events, some girls take it up competitively. Dowling Catholic has their very own competition cheer team, but this year has been a little different compared to most seasons. With many injuries, including a concussed filled season, there has been a lot of stress, but nonetheless, they have persevered.


With state coming up for the girls, they have been nonstop with practice and making their performance perfect. With all the injuries, there has been a lot of modifying for the team. Luckily, the girls are like a family, and this hasn’t been too much of a setback.


“We have had to modify our routine almost entirely, taking out stunts, tumbling passes, and rearranging lines to be able to perform confidently with the amount of girls who’ve got hurt,” Eva Lynner (12) said.


With all of the different changes for the team, it has been a lot. Most of the girls who were previously injured had a hard time coming back to the team and learning the new choreography. Natalie Harshbarger (11) was unfortunately concussed this season, and she said it has been hard with a slow recovery returning to activities and exercise. The girls seem to be confident, though, as they are all quick to adjust.


The team all together after practice, bonding. (Eva Lynner)

“Overall, this season has had challenges, but this past weekend we have started to pull it together. We have put in a lot of work these past few weeks to be prepared,” Harshbarger said. 


The girls perform this coming weekend, November 6th, at state. Their last practice of the season was on Sunday, seniors had to say a sad goodbye to the team they call family. 


“We have a really fun team dynamic! You have to have a tight bond and a lot of trust to work together in stunts the way that we do. The girls are all really close and we have a lot of fun together,” Madison Fraizer (12) said. 


The girls will also be performing this Friday at the all school pep assembly. Be loud and cheer on the team that is always there to cheer us on.