The Deets on Dowling 101

Let’s see if underclassmen find the class worthwhile.


Sophie Porter

Dowling 101 works to prepare freshmen for highschool.

Sophie Porter, Staff Writer

Dowling Catholic introduced a new requisite to the freshmen curriculum last year: Dowling 101. The class advertises itself as a helpful guide to high school, navigating new relationships, schedules, homework, and mental health. 


The class of 2024 was the first to take Dowling Catholic 101 and did not know what to expect. Rachel Kilkenny (10) was one of these guinea pig students.


“Honestly I didn’t really expect too much. I thought it was going to be pretty boring, but I knew that they would talk about the school and just like things that you do at Dowling because we were all new to the school,” Kilkenny said.


Though Kilkenny did not go into the course with the most optimistic expectations, she ended up enjoying the lessons about meeting new people and making friends. Due to her entrance into high school at the beginning of the pandemic, Kilkenny and many of her classmates faced different social challenges than other grades. Despite all this, Kilkenny is not super impressed with the class.


“I thought it [Dowling 101] was okay. I think it would’ve been more interesting to do another elective, but it helped me meet more people,” Kilkenny said.


Audrey Lynner (9) is currently enrolled in Dowling 101 under the tutelage of Mrs. Triplett, and she really likes the course so far. Lynner enjoyed learning about the importance of mental health, something she feels is necessary.


“[Mental health] is really something I haven’t experienced in school, and it’s definitely an eye opener for sure,” Lynner said.


Lynner believed that units similar to the ones that covered mental health helped her peers become better people and eased their transition into the high school environment. She and Kilkenny both agreed that the course should maintain its current required status.


“Yeah, I think that Dowling should keep this a mandatory class because [mental health] is a really real thing and we all know somebody who is struggling, so it’s a really good thing to talk about,” Lynner said.


Kilkenny herself is a little less concerned with the coursework but believes the class should remain required for another reason: the environment and difficulty level.


“Dowling 101 is more chill. Freshmen tend to be nervous about being new in the school, but Dowling 101 kind of eases you into it,” Kilkenny said. 


Dowling 101 is not without its faults, though. While the course covers a variety of topics that are crucial to a healthy secondary educational experience, some other lessons are not-so-much.


Lynner said, “[I would] maybe take out some of the study skills lessons. It’s a little extensive, but besides that, everything else is pretty important,”