Thanksgiving Traditions

Dowling students reflect on their favorite Thanksgiving traditions



Dowling Catholic Students reflect on their favorite parts of Thanksgiving.

Lily Finstad, Staff Writer

As students desperately await the holiday break, parents and friends prepare their homes and ovens for Thanksgiving chaos. Too many cooks in the kitchen, occasional family fights, and dishes galore, this is what Holidays are all about. It’s a time for family fun, spreading kindness, and appreciation for loved ones, and as Dowling students disperse to their holiday locations, each student reflects on their own family traditions.


“Every Thanksgiving my whole family goes to my grandma’s house. We all bring our favorite foods to share,” Allyson Kuhn (12) said. “The Peanut butter blossom cookies I make are really good, but I don’t know why. I use my grandma’s recipe, so maybe it’s just because they’re her’s, and she’s the best cook I know.”


It’s the time of year for the great pumpkin pie debate. Grandparents and relatives make alternative choices for picky eaters. Pecan, apple, cherry, chocolate, the list goes on and on. But the classic pumpkin pie is a must-have on Thanksgiving. With a perfect amount of spices and an extra crumbly crust, pumpkin pie remains the superior Thanksgiving dessert.


“I like pumpkin pie, because every year I make it homemade with my grandma with my great grandma’s recipe,” Zoey Fox (12) said. “It’s my favorite tradition.”


“I make the pumpkin pie with my parents, and I like to eat the pie itself and not the crust. I also like the pie with whipped cream,” Katelyn Drey (12) said.


“I absolutely love pumpkin pie! I love the smell, crust, baking it, simply everything about it. What’s not to love? The flavors are immaculate. Spray a little whipped cream on top, and you’ve got the ultimate dessert. The smell and the taste of delicious pumpkin pie alone is enough to instantly put you in the fall mood,” Clare O’Halloran (12) said.


Although the gooey goodness is popular amongst families worldwide, the rich pumpkin dessert has its haters as well. Of course, there is a grinch for every holiday. And although that certain green grinch we know and love is more of a Christmas kind of guy, Madelyn Tran (12) has expressed her significant disliking of the holiday pie, but even her heart grows three times on Thanksgiving.


“I’ve never been a fan of any kind of pie, this includes pumpkin. Pumpkin pie is basically baby food thrown onto a pie crust which has the same taste and feel as cardboard. The textures just don’t go together. Nonetheless, I will put my opinions aside on Thanksgiving Day and have one small slice for the sake of the holiday,” Madelyn Tran said.


Thanksgiving is the holiday dedicated to being thankful for those around you. It’s the time of year where the leaves shrivel up and fall, the snow sneaks in and out, and the winter jackets come out of storage. It’s the time where Christmas songs start playing and kids start writing letters to Santa. It’s a time to be celebratory and thankful for all that we are given in this world and for all the people around us, so happy Thanksgiving to all families.